Monthly Archives: September 2015

As October approaches, I am finding that lunch conversations here at the office are revolving around fall and more specifically, Halloween. They are planning costumes for kids, themselves and spouses. They talk about decorations they have planned and some of their favorite candies to have. Let me tell you, our […]

Remarkably Wicked Body Cream

Baths are a rare treat for me. I don’t often have time to enjoy one fully so instead I skip through the shower. So when I discovered I have an upcoming weekend where my time hadn’t been scheduled, I penciled in a personal spa day. These days are where I […]

Sweet Milky Tub Tea

Today I wanted to make a night face cream that was light, non-greasy, and superb at hydrating the skin all night long. I also wanted to try my hand at making an oil-free cream. Now I will admit that the term “oil-free” is just a little confusing. In the marketing […]

Sweet Garden Night Cream