10 Minute Quickie – Make an Easy Holiday Body Cream

The sample label

The sample label

I know it is only October, but I need to get started on my holiday gifts. Once Halloween is over, the holiday events with family, friends and neighbors will begin.

Since I’ve fallen in love with our moisturizer bases as fast and easy gifts, I decided to turn to them again for stocking my Christmas gift closet. I decided to use our Head to Toe Cream and one of our newest fragrances, Alpine.

I started by mixing 1 fl oz of Alpine into a gallon of the Head to Toe Cream. My favorite tool for mixing is a long silicone spatula. You want to make sure you completely mix the fragrance into the cream. You can also add a little bit of color to the cream if you so desire. Our favorite colors are part of the Water Soluble Color Kit and they even come with droppers for easy dilution!

Once the fragrance (and color) has been mixed into the cream, it is ready to package. You can either scoop directly into jars or scoop into a bag to pipe into jars. My favorite is to scoop into a zippered bag, cut off a little portion of the corner and then pipe into jars. It is even easy to give the cream a swirly/frosted look! When I use a bag, the clean up is so easy because I only made a little mess!

The jars are ready to cap and label! I’m sending samples to the Shipping Department for you to try. I think you will love it!

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