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upsWe have been talking about UPS MyChoice for a long time! So long in fact that UPS has wondered why we have ordered a TON of brochures about this service. Today I received my very first UPS MyChoice email! You can imagine that it is much easier to get deliveries at work because there is always someone to sign for the package. Signing for packages makes me feel more comfortable.

Well, fast-forward to my recent problem. My new dryer had a small part break on it after about 30 days. I called the company that sells the dryer and they sent a replacement part for me to install. Simple! I was so happy. Then they told me it would deliver to my home. Umm. I never get deliveries at my home. Even the UPS driver stopped one day to tell us he recognized us from deliveries at the office and now he understood why he had never delivered to our home. He explained he has delivered to every single house on our street, except ours, and had always wondered why our home didn’t get deliveries.

Now, let’s back track. I signed up for UPS MyChoice when the service became available. I felt I needed to know how this service worked and how the sign up process flowed. It is a simple sign up and it allows you to alert your delivery driver where they should leave the package. It is cool! I know the package will be delivered between 1:15 and 5:15PM tomorrow. I get all of this service from UPS for the cost of $ 0 each year. Yep, I did write a zero. You can upgrade your membership to get other features but the basic membership will cover what I need.

If you aren’t signed up for this service, please consider. The big holiday season is just ahead and you will get advance notice of deliveries so you are far less likely to have packages stolen or go missing, and you get the benefit of knowing how to schedule your day because UPS is your planning ally.

Go to to get started!


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