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Making bath salts is such a simple and easy thing to do. I enjoy adding bath salts to my tub as it adds in a great fragrance while bathing (and relaxing). I also like to make bath salts with a variety of salt sizes and leaving the scented salts in containers around the house. Today, I’ll share my easy recipe for making bath salts that also add a little bit of bubbles to the bath.

Collect needed items:

Medium Bath Salts
Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate
Fragrance Oil of your choice
Premixed Water Soluble Colors
Bath Salt Tubes and Caps
Large plastic bag for mixing
Small plastic bags for individualizing each tube

Bath Salts Recipe
12 pounds Medium Bath Salts
3 tablespoons Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSa)

Combine the salt and Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate in a large bag and mix well by kneading the bag. As this recipe is a large recipe, it is great for premixing and then dividing into smaller batches for groups to make individualized gifts together.

To fill one bath salt tube, spoon 4.2 ounces of the salt mixture into a smaller bag. Now you can add up to 1 ml of your desired fragrance oil (per 4.2 ounces of salt mixture) and spritz some colored water onto mixture until you get the desired color. Be careful to not over spray your salt mixture with color as you do not want it wet. Spray once or twice and mix thoroughly then repeat if necessary. Cut corner off of the bag and fill your tubes and cap once filled. Label and place a pretty bow around tube for a great gift idea.

Adding colors to this recipe can be done with ease if the color is mixed into water and spritzed lightly into the dry ingredients. Try a .15 cc scoop of the water soluble dyes into a 4 oz size bottle with spray head and see how easy it is to color your bath salts!

You can find Water Soluble dyes in our catalog at, but I have also included links to all of our water soluble dyes here for your easy perusal!
Lemon Yellow
Purple Raspberry
Ocean Blue

Thanks for playing with me! I have enjoyed showing you how to make these wonderful products. Let me know what other items you would like demonstrated in a future class or here on the blog.


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