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Recently my husband was teaching me how to make Tomato Eggs, a Chinese dish that is common for lunch or dinner. As I learned to cook a new dish, I couldn’t help but wonder how a soap would turn out if you added an egg. Would it affect the lather? […]

Egg Soap

Many of you have been requesting Rhassoul Clay and I’m pleased to announce that we have finally added Rhassoul Clay to our catalog! This clay is a special clay because it is magnesium rich. Magnesium is not only important for our digestion and inner body, but our outer body also needs magnesium for skin […]

Rhassoul Clay Foot Mask

Whew! We made it to Friday. I don’t know about you but my week has been chaotic. I have been so crazy if you asked me when my father’s birthday is, I couldn’t tell you! Yikes! Let’s sweeten this week with a little giveaway! Are you ready? This week the […]

Freebie Friday!

There is an early morning market that happens daily in my new neighborhood. Everyone gets up and goes to the market to get fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, grains, tofu, meats and even spices. The Chinese want the freshest products they can get, so it is easy to find produce that was picked just this […]

Chinese Star Anise Soap

Apparently, one face cream formulation wasn’t enough for me. I’ve happily formulated another face cream and I think you will enjoy it! This face cream is actually thicker than the previous face cream, and this would be more of a nightly face cream than a daily cream.  This time I chose Sesame Oil […]

Facial Cream 2

Wow! Another Friday already! We covered so much this week. What was your favorite post this week? What did you like about it? I want to know! This week, I will be sending out samples of our Blood Orange Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil and our Cherry Oil! Have you […]

Freebie Friday!

I have a wonderful special for all MMS customers! Are you ready? I have a several shrink bands that are the same size as the Dan’s Bands, but instead of being open on the short narrow sides of the soap, they are open on the long narrow sides. Perfect for […]

Shrink Band Special!

I’ve been working on a face cream because I was inspired by an e-mail we received from Karen. She requested a good face moisturizer recipe and I was thinking that I would love formulating a new recipe just for Karen.   I wanted to use our new Cherry Oil because it is […]

Facial Cream