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Finished Perfume

While I was in China I visited Guangzhou, a city near Hong Kong. I had gone out for some juice at a local market and was walking back to the hotel after it had rained. It smelled very earthy and woody but as I passed a little booth selling what looked like jewelry made of little long wooden beads, it intensified and also became a little spicy.  At the moment I didn’t recognize the complex blend of all of the aroma, but after returning to the States, I found myself searching for a scent I couldn’t quite name. It was only after smelling a similar bracelet that was given to me that I recognized it. Come join me as I attempt to recreate that small booth with an American flair.

Creating Perfume Blend

I saw and smelled a variety of aromatic woods while I was in China. I was given a bracelet made of aromatic seeds that is spicy, smoky and sharp. The sharp note reminds me of cedar. The streets smelled of these seeds, which were formed into jewelry and decorations, and cooking, and all other types of things I can’t describe. With so many of the streets having the odor of these aromatic seeds, it formed in my head that this is what China smells like.

Adding Cyclomethicone to Atomizer

After rummaging through the essential oil drawer in the blog kitchen I ran across several bottles that promised hope. Those bottles included Balsam Peru, Wild Spanish Marjoram, Helichrysum, Cedarwood Virginia, Black Pepper, Cinnamon Leaf, Coriander Seed and Clove Leaf. Now keep in mind not all of these ended up in my blend. These bottles only offered hope. In the end, I only used four of the bottles that I pulled out. They were; Cedarwood Virginia, Black Pepper, Cinnamon Leaf and Coriander Seed.

After deciding on a blend, I mixed a small amount. I didn’t want to have a large bottle waiting for me to use up. I find it is best to take a scent for a month trial run then go back for more. I think this is the best way then you can determine if the blend needs a little tweaking or is just perfect.

Here is my blend.

8 parts Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil

9 parts Black Pepper Essential Oil

1  part Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

2 parts Coriander Seed Essential Oil

Mix up the blend. I made a total of 20 mL for my use. I didn’t want very much and a little goes a long way. The silver atomizer I was going to put this perfume into only holds 7.5 mL. For a usage rate of 2% I only needed .15 mL of this essential oil blend. I used 7.35 mL of Cyclomethicone for my base. I choose Cyclomethicone as my base because it dries quickly and it is light in feel.

I will be sending samples of this perfume to shipping. Are you excited to try it? Tell me what you think!


Adding Cyclomethicone to Atomizer

Adding Cyclomethicone to Atomizer

Adding Perfume Blend

Mixed Perfume in Atomizer

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3 thoughts on “Personal Perfume – An Essential Oil Blend

  • Leilani

    I would love to smell this. I usually like spicy woodsy smells. I may need to make some. I wonder what a little citrus would add to it 😉 Thanks.

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  • ping

    I have been interested in making my own perfume mixes for some time. Thanks for this recipe!

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  • Emily Shieh

    OMG, I would LOVE to try this blend! I’m already thinking about making soap with this blend only if I can get some coriander EO.

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