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Many of you have been requesting Rhassoul Clay and I’m pleased to announce that we have finally added Rhassoul Clay to our catalog! This clay is a special clay because it is magnesium rich. Magnesium is not only important for our digestion and inner body, but our outer body also needs magnesium for skin that has a healthy glow. 

I’ll be sharing a foot mask recipe with you to treat your feet. After just a few uses, I think you will have feet that are no longer dry and peeling, but refreshed and soft. Come join me in the test kitchen!

Recipe yields 260 grams or 9.17 ounces.

Sesame Oil
Shower Gel and Liquid Hand Soap
Rhassoul Clay
Liquid Germall Plus
Spearmint Essential Oil
Microwave Safe Container
Dropper Bottle


Recipe in Grams 
120 grams Water
8 grams Hydrovance
20 grams Sesame Oil
10 grams Shower Gel and Liquid Hand Soap
100 grams Rhassoul Clay
1 grams Liquid Germall Plus
1 grams Spearmint Essential Oil
Recipe in Ounces
4.23 oz Water
0.28 oz Hydrovance
0.71 oz Sesame Oil
0.35 Shower Gel and Liquid Hand Soap
3.35 oz Rhassoul Clay
0.04 oz Liquid Germall Plus
0.04 oz Spearmint Essential Oil
Recipe in Percentages
46% Water
3% Hydrovance
8.2% Sesame Oil
4% Shower Gel and Liquid Hand Soap
38% Rhassoul Clay
0.4% Liquid Germall Plus
0.4% Spearmint Essential Oil


Weigh all of your ingredients into your desired mixing container. Mix ingredients together thoroughly. You may need to allow the clay to hydrate for 10 minutes to ensure everything is completely mixed together. Don’t forget to scrape the sides of your container, as you may have dry clay hiding in spots. Once everything is mixed together, fill your containers and then enjoy a relaxing time!

To use:
Soak your feet for 5 minutes. Clean your feet during this time, so you get all the extra dirt and grime off your feet. I promise your feet will start to feel better already. Apply the mask in a circular motion to your feet, ankles and lower calves. Wrap your feet with damp and warm hand towels. Let your feet relax for several minutes, 3 to 5 minutes would be wonderful. Remove the towels and rinse your feet in warm or tepid water. Don’t your feet now feel fantabulous?

Finished product

Weighing all ingredients

Mixing ingredients

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8 thoughts on “Rhassoul Clay Foot Mask

  • Deb

    Ohhh, sounds wonderful! I may have to get some clay and try this, cause I really could use a little foot pampering!! :-))

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  • andrea walker

    May I ask a question – my family has a strong reaction to parabens and petroleum products which is one of the main reasons we started making our own things. Are Germall and Hydrovance products that contain these things? Am I correct that the Germall is necessary to preserve and the hydrovance is for emulsion? If these are paraben/petroleum based are there alternatives??

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    • Taylor


      The Liquid Germall Plus is a preservative and it is also paraben free! It is not a petroleum product. The Hydrovance is a humectant which means it helps the skin retain moisture to stay soft and supple. It is also paraben free however it is derived from a petro-chemical source. I would suggest using Liquid Glycerin, which is a plant derived product in place of the Hydrovance.

      I hope this helps.


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  • andrea walker

    Thank you Taylor! That is perfect information 🙂 Would I use the same amounts of Glycerin to Hydrovance? Do they substitute easily?

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  • Heather Gwinn

    What a great recipe! I’ve been wanting to dabble a bit with clay masks. Do you happen to have a dry clay mask recipe? I’d love to find a great blend that I didn’t have to put a preservative in that I could just add water to and mix separately each use.

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