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Skin Soother in Dropper Bottles

We all love healthy skin. It looks great and is soft and silky. We have been taught that oily appearing skin is not desirable but how is that charming dewy look achieved?  A lotion is often too much, creating (dare I say oily?) appearance. So how does one achieve that soft velvety look while using something to protect and rejuvenate the skin? They use a skin soother of course!

Mixing Ingredients

When I started formulating this product, I wanted something that could be put in a spray bottle, roller bottle or dropper bottle. I also wanted a product that would give skin that fresh dewy look. I was originally given the idea by a friend who is a performer. She wanted something to give her skin shine without having to oil her skin. “Oil looks great, but it is really obvious,” she said, “and it makes the costumes get dirty really quickly. I want something that will give some glow but is not obvious to the audience. I want it a little more discreet.”

This skin soother is perfect for making your skin look great. Using Pumpkin Seed Extract and Orchid Extract, it rejuvenates your skin. This skin soother is a happy medium between the oily skin of your nose and the dry skin of your elbows. I added Squalane because it is a naturally occurring oil in your skin. It really helps keeps the skin soft with that dreamy fresh dewy appearance. This is something that can be applied lightly for a velvety healthful appearance  or more heavily for performers who want the smaller, more subtle movements visible by the audience in the back of the room.

Consider a belly dancer. She wears a full skirt, belt and a choli.  The abdomen is left largely uncovered. If the skin is dry and powdery in appearance, it is hard for the audience to notice a small twitch of the hips that reverberates across the abdomen. However, the dancer does not want to look like a Vaseline® ball either. This skin soother, when liberally applied, helps catch the light to bring the audience’s attention to the performance.

When applied lightly, it will not give an oiled appearance. Velvety is something you are looking for when planning a date or taking pictures. Especially for your wedding pictures. This gives a velvety, dewy appearance to the skin. You will be ready for what ever is thrown your way! It is also a great daily treatment for dry skin, such that occurs on elbows.

This skin soother is also fabulous for special occasions. You can even add a hint of mica for those events needing extra glow. Be the belle of the ball or the star of the cheer team and look your best!

I hope you get the chance to try this recipe because it is fabulous and astounding. I believe I will have a permanent location on my desk for a bottle of this skin soother.

Collect needed items:

Pumpkin Seed Extract
Orchid Extract
Container for weighing ingredients
Transfer Pipettes
Containers for the finished products (I’m using the 1 fl oz Dropper Bottles .)


Recipe in Ounces – Makes 3.53 ounces
1.76 ounces Cyclomethicone
1.41 ounces Dimethicone
.21 ounces Squalane
.07 ounces Pumpkin Seed Extract
.07 ounces Orchid Extract
Recipe in Grams – Makes 100 grams
50 grams Cyclomethicone
40 grams Dimethicone
6 grams Squalane
2 grams Pumpkin Seed Extract
2 grams Orchid Extract
Recipe in Percentages
50% Cyclomethicone
40% Dimethicone
6% Squalane
2% Pumpkin Seed Extract
2% Orchid Extract

Weigh all ingredients into a container. Mix well. Pour into containers. Label. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Skin Soother

  • Taylor Post author

    Ivy Extract would be suitable to replace the Orchid Extract with.
    I hope you try this fabulous skin soother. I am going to run out my personal bottle soon.


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