2010 Thanksgiving Shopping for the Food Pantry 1

Here at TheSage, our staff has an annual tradition that is now in its fifth year of operation. We go shopping for the local Food Pantry and each staff member is given $50 to purchase food for a Thanksgiving dinner. This year we had the staff make teams of 2 people and each team was given $100 for shopping. Each team was required to make a menu and complete the whole menu as best as they could. We also have challenges to see which team can get the least amount of change or which team can get the most groceries and still complete their menu. This event is one of our favorite ways to give back to the community.

This year, we took lots of pictures to share with you and I hope you enjoy them!

Mouein smiles as he begins his shopping near the rice mixes.

Dirk waves enthusiastically as MMS Staff pack the soup aisle.

Taylor and Dirk celebrate after learning they were the first to check out.

Adriane and Betty smile as they begin to check out.

Hyun, Kent, Jenny and Andee chat while waiting for the rest of the teams to finish.

Dallin points to his idea of Thanksgiving while his teammate, Mouein, watches.

Adriane grins while her teammate Betty reviews their menu.

Mitch watches the price while his teammate, Treva, loads the belt.

Kent gives a thumbs up at the check out.

Stephanie watches as Tracee and Mariah pay for their groceries.

Our TheSage team shows off all of the groceries we purchased.

We stuffed the whole truck bed with groceries for the food pantry.

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