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Yesterday, I showed how you could design a label to be an invitation and I promised that I would share how to make another style of unique invitations today. First, I need to explain what Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are. Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art that are […]

Unique Invitations, Part 2

Yesterday’s post was from MB and in her original comment, she had mentioned using the lip balm as an invitation. This is such a fun idea and very easy to expand on. Why not use a lip balm as invitations to other events besides Spa Parties? How would you design […]

Unique Invitations

On March 3rd, I posted a blog about a Saint Patrick’s Day Mint Lip Balm. MB commented on this blog about a spa party. Here is her comment. You could have a Lucky Leprechaun Spa party using the products on this blog and color them green. When it’s time for […]

Spa Parties

We received a question about our Energy Body Cream recipe that is on our site. The question is how to reduce the viscosity of this cream. Let’s look at the recipe: 3 grams Liquid Glycerin 4 grams Stearic Acid 6 grams Emulsifying Wax 13 grams Apricot Kernel Oil 7 grams […]

Energy Body Cream

What do you do when you are requested to make a baby soap that has tea tree and lavender? Go lightly, dear soapers, go lightly. This question was recently posed to our technical support staff and here is the recipe and the thoughts behind the choices. Oils to use are […]

Baby Soap

I received an e-mail the other day from Carolyn asking about making lip balm. She wanted to know how she could make a nice dome on top of her lip balm. Today I’m going to cover making lip balm and giving your lip balm a nice dome top. I’m going […]

Finishing Lip Balm

As I was sitting at my desk today, I realized that I’m wrapping up the Mother’s Day Gift Baskets this week. This made me wonder what have the blog readers made for themselves, family, friends, mothers, etc. Therefore, the curiosity has made me want to see pictures of your projects. […]

Blog Reader Challenge

Since it has been raining and snowing all week, I needed a way to perk up the staff before the weekend. I decided to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. Naturally, I slaved away all day making the cookie dough and then baking them. (Giggles! I actually just picked up a tub […]

Cookie Friday

When looking at an impulse sealer which should you choose? A large one, or a small one? One with a cutter or without? What about the replacement parts? What is the difference in the wires and such? Today, Carole called our office and asked for some help. The questions to […]

Impulse Sealers