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brilliantOn March 3rd, I posted a blog about a Saint Patrick’s Day Mint Lip Balm. MB commented on this blog about a spa party. Here is her comment.

You could have a Lucky Leprechaun Spa party using the products on this blog and color them green. When it’s time for everyone to put their feet into the individual foot tubs, let each person choose a Magic Color Bath Fizzy from something like a leprechaun hat or a black plastic cauldron. Make all of the Magic Fizzies turn green but one that will turn gold. The person with the gold Fizzy water wins something from the Lucky Leprechaun’s treasure pot filled with your handmade products. You could have a fun and informative party with many different games and product demonstrations.
The Mint Lip Balm and label could be part of the invitations.
Thanks again for the blog,

After I read her comment, it got me to thinking about different potential ideas for Spa Parties, such as Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Product Sales, etc. I e-mailed her asking if she would like to guest write a blog about her spa parties idea. Here was her response.

Hi Andee,
What a nice compliment that you liked my idea. Thank you. I was inspired by your Saint Patrick’s Day Mint Lip Balm blog. When I read that the color green brought your fun childhood memories to mind along with the anticipation of Spring and you wanted to share a fun green product with us for Saint Patrick’s Day my imagination switched on. To me it was just like reading a recipe: Green + Fun + Body Care Products + Saint Patrick’s Day = a fun party for you. I also thought this could be a colorful activity for you and all of the MMS bloggers way up there in the North with all of those snow days. I can only imagine what that must be like.

I remembered a Body Shop home party I went to a few years ago and thought why not just switch everything from their product to yours and give it a theme. It could work with any holiday or you could even make one up like “Mother Daughter Spa Day” (from your Light Facial Cream blog). It has been years since I have attended a Bridal or Baby Shower but I remember the little tablets with games the hostess would hand out. This could be made to fit any them too. (I don’t know what’s cool nowadays for parties.) I also was thinking of some way for people to have “good clean fun” for Saint Patrick’s Day other than looking forward to a big drinking party (which is fine for anyone that enjoys it and I’m not judging). Games could be themed around chance and luck. Like everyone writing their names on a shamrock and dropping them into a bag or hat and one is drawn out for a prize. The parties could be as simple or elaborate as anyone would like to make them. A product themed party could have different stations set up around like in the kitchen, dining room and living room where guest could watch and or make something. [from your kits-or you could make party kits] Instead of buying Body Shop Products the guest would buy a product from the hostess and could choose their color and fragrance . To me that would be so much fun watching everyone oooooh and ahhhhhh over FOs and products. If there were pre-made products for sale the party could be like a MaryKay party and the total amount of sales portion bonus would go to the hostess.

I’m a little self-conscious about sharing my ideas because I don’t want to appear to be a miss know it all or trying to tell someone how to run their business. My ideas may be 10 years behind but I have shared them with the intention of bringing a little bit of fun, joy and imagination to someones day.

Sometimes when I have one of my “bright ideas” my husband teases me and calls me the crazy cat lady(I only have 1). We have a good laugh over it because he will have a dead serious look on his face before he starts laughing. He knows it drives my OCD monster crazy. 🙂

I’m not much of a writer because I worry about my grammar and punctuation. I read and re-read what I am going to put on the blog to see if it sounds like I just fell off the tater truck. I don’t know how to convey my personality so the reader can tell if I am being funny or serious. Most of the time it’s a happy happy joy joy attitude.

Since it was you and your blog that triggered my imagination, you have my permission and blessing to use any and or all parts of the Lucky Leprechaun Spa party idea and any idea or statement in this letter and make it your own. I’m just saying that my wish for you is to have fun and maybe some orders from these ideas. 🙂

I am sure you or some of the more girly girls know more about planning parties than I do. It would be fun to see what you and MMS staff could put together for a Lucky Leprechaun Spa party. Even if you want to change it to a Saint Patrick’s Day Spa party and make it your own would be ok with me. I have so much fun reading and learning from your blog that it’s just fine with me if -you- are the primary writer and if you just want to say something like “from mb’s comment on our Saint Patrick’s Day Mint Balm we etc. ”

Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with everyone.

I get to go play now cause my order came in today. 🙂


These great ideas can be turned to any event, any holiday or for no reason at all. What about a Friends Party? Just invite your friends for light refreshments and a lotion making party. I loved her response and because she has been today’s guest editor, I will be sending her a $25 gift certificate to be used here at MMS. Congratulations!

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2 thoughts on “Spa Parties

  • Andee Post author

    This just appeared in my e-mail. I thought I would share it.

    This guest editor–“MB”–deserves to win the $25 gift certificate from MMS! What a delightful response from this individual–who appears to be abounding with talent, creativity and great ideas–well presented! And she’s worried about sounding like whhhaaatttt?? Congratulations!


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  • MB

    Hi Andee,

    Guess you could tell I was having “blog stage fright”.

    I look forward to reading about successful fun Spa parties everyone
    will be giving this summer.

    They’ll be the new trend setter in their area that will have the coolest
    parties and not just another same ol’, same ol’ Birthday, Pool or any party.

    Thank you for the surprise gift certificate.

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