Argan Lip Balm

This week I’m focusing on Argan Oil, an incredible lightweight oil that offers loads of benefits. Read all about it here.

Today I’m going to make a lip balm featuring Argan Oil and a couple of extracts to really pamper the lips. As with the facial moisturizer I made yesterday, I’ll pair Argan Oil with Marula Oil.

I’m going to use some Coffee Butter to flavor this lip balm with a dash of Sugar Baby to sweeten it. Join me in the workroom as I craft what I hope will be a real treat for the lips!

What You’ll Need


Shea Butter, High Melt Point
Coffee Butter
Cocoa Butter
Palm Kernel Oil
Argan Oil
Marula Oil
Lemon Balm Leaf Extract
Calendula Oil Extract
Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


Microwave-safe container
Lip Balm Filling Tray
Lip Balm Tubes and Caps


20% Beeswax
15% Shea Butter, High Melt Point
10% Coffee Butter
10% Cocoa Butter
5% Palm Kernel Oil
20% Argan Oil
16% Marula Oil
1% Lemon Balm Extract
1% Calendula Extract
2% Sugar Baby Flavor Oil

50-gram Test Batch

10 grams Beeswax
7.5 grams Shea Butter, High Melt Point
5 grams Coffee Butter
5 grams Cocoa Butter
2.5 grams Palm Kernel Oil
10 grams Argan Oil
8 grams Marula Oil
0.5 gram Lemon Balm Extract
0.5 gram Calendula Extract
1 gram Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


Fit lip balm tubes into Lip Balm Filling Tray. I use the tray even when doing a small batch, because it secures my lip blam tubes so they don’t tip over. I’m a real pro at tipping things over!

Weigh all but extracts and flavor oil into a microwave-safe container and heat using short time bursts. Stir after each heating until all that’s left to melt is the beeswax. A bit of stirring usually melts the rest of the beeswax.

Ingredients before melting.

Ingredients almost all melted.

Using a pipette to add lip balm to tubes.

The 50-gram test batch filled 10 tubes.

Add extracts and flavor, stirring well.

Pour or pipe lip balm into tubes. Allow the lip balm to cool completely before removing the tubes from the filling tray.

Cap, label, and enjoy your lip balm!


My first inclination when testing this lip balm was to search for the coffee flavor. Alas, I did not use enough coffee butter to allow that flavor to come through. So if you love the idea of a coffee-flavored lip balm, try using 25% coffee butter and leaving out the shea butter.

As for the lip balm itself, I think I hit a home run! It goes on easily without a lot of drag, but it’s not overly soft, either. My lips feel luscious! I’m going to take this lip balm with me in my pocket today, and we’ll see how it does.

Give this formula a try – you won’t regret it!

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