Espresso Lip Balm

Espresso is the strongest of the coffee drinks, and its aroma is unique. When sweetened, it tastes quite delicious, too! (Sorry, I just can’t enjoy unsweetened coffee!)

Today we’ll take a trip into lip balm land and make up a spectacular espresso lip balm that will be sweet and strong like a good cup of espresso after a nice dinner.

What will we need to craft this wonder?

First, we need Beeswax to make the balm nice and hard so it doesn’t just melt in your pocket or purse.

Second, we need oils that are brittle at room temperature. These include Cocoa Butter and Palm Kernel Oil.

Next, we need solid at room temperature oils like Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, or any of the butters.

Finally, we will add liquid oils so the lip balm is soft enough to spread. This is where we will use some Coffee Seed Oil for its intense flavor and high antioxidants.

We will add Sugar Baby Flavor Oil to take the bitter edge off the strong espresso flavor.

Making this with me? Here’s what you’ll need.


Palm Kernel Oil
Soybean Oil
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Coffee Seed Oil
Hemp Oil
Castor Oil
Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


Microwave-safe container
Silicone Spatula
Lip Balm Jars and Caps


20% Beeswax
15% Palm Kernel Oil
20% Soybean Oil
5% Shea Butter
10% Coconut Oil
20% Avocado Oil
8% Hemp Seed Oil
7% Castor Oil
2% Coffee Seed Oil
3% Sugar Baby Flavor Oil

50-gram Test Batch

10 grams Beeswax
7.5 grams Palm Kernel Oil
10 grams Soybean Oil
2.5 grams Shea Butter
5 grams Coconut Oil
10 grams Avocado Oil
4 grams Hemp Seed Oil
3.5 grams Castor Oil
1 gram Coffee Seed Oil
1.5 grams Sugar Baby Flavor Oil


Weigh all ingredients except Coffee Seed Oil and Sugar Baby Flavor Oil into a microwave-safe container and heat, using short time bursts and stirring after each heating, until all are melted.

Stir in Coffee Seed Oil and Sugar Baby Flavor Oil.

Pour lip balm into jars and allow to cool before putting on lids. Label and enjoy.

Ingredients before melting.

Pouring into jars.


I really like the finished lip balm! The texture is creamy and dreamy, and it smells terrific. I stayed really low on the percentage of Coffee Seed Oil, and if I make this again, I’ll increase that percentage from 2% to 4-5% because I feel like the coffee scent and flavor did not come through as strongly as I’d hoped.

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