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It’s time to think about winter and the holiday season! Soon we’ll be having the opportunity to market our products at craft shows geared toward the holidays. Let’s make sure you’re ready! It is especially important to get soaps made now so they have adequate time to cure before being […]

Prep now for winter and holidays

Today I’m going to put together a super simple formula for a lip balm with two of my favorite flavors: Cocoa and Vanilla. There’s something so classic about these two flavors. I think of chocolate vanilla twist ice cream cones, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, and the hint of vanilla […]

Cocoa Vanilla Lip Balm

Adding any type of clay to cold process soap creates a bar that has an amazing amount of slip and glide. Clay soaps make great shaving soaps! It’s also fun to use colored clays to add a natural color to your soap. I’m going to use Morocco Red Clay in […]

Morocco Red Clay Soap

The other day I noticed the teats on my goats’ udders are feeling chapped. It’s definitely time to make a balm to correct that problem. Chamomile to the rescue! As I was contemplating a formula for Chamomile Balm, I realized it would be a wonderful lip balm as well, so […]

All-Purpose Chamomile Balm

Isn’t aloe just the best thing for skin? It has so many positive properties! Let’s make a luxurious face cream featuring Aloe Vera Butter and Aloe Extract. Aloe Vera Butter is a softer oil that is just dreamy to use! Aloe has been infused into coconut oil, and this makes […]

Aloe Face Cream

Yesterday we learned about the concept behind oil cleansing. Today we will look at some recipes for different skin types. Oily skin can benefit from a simple combination of 30% Castor Oil and 70% Sunflower Oil. For normal skin, back off the Castor Oil to 20%, and use 80% Sunflower […]

Oil Cleansing For Your Skin Type

Recently, I ran across information about oil cleansing for the face. It sounds intriguing, so I thought I’d write about it and then make an oil cleansing product. First, an introduction to oil cleansing. I found this website to be quite informative: Here are the cliff notes from the […]

Wash Your Face With Oil?!

When you make cosmetics like lotion, lip balms, or face masks, what should you put on your label? Marie Gale, in her book “Soap & Cosmetic Labeling,” outlines what you need to know in Chapter 4. (This book is an excellent reference that belongs on every maker’s shelf!) Product identity […]

What Must Be On A Label