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Recently, I ran across information about oil cleansing for the face. It sounds intriguing, so I thought I’d write about it and then make an oil cleansing product.

First, an introduction to oil cleansing. I found this website to be quite informative: https://theoilcleansingmethod.com/

Here are the cliff notes from the above site:

Oil cleansing operates on the principle that “like dissolves like”; cleansing with oil can dissolve the oil your skin naturally produces. Skin needs oil – that’s why our skin produces it. But too much oil, or a build-up of oil, can cause skin problems.

How To Oil Cleanse

Avoiding over cleansing is key. You’ll want to use an oil cleanser at night before going to bed. There’s no need to wash your face again in the morning.

Gather a soft washcloth, your oil cleanser, and have hot, running water available.

Pour a quarter-sized portion of oil cleanser into your hand. Rub hands together, then smooth the oil over your dry face.

Using firm, slow movements, massage the oil into your face, paying extra attention to any problem areas. Take your time and allow the oil to work at dissolving any impurities in your pores. You’ll want this facial massage to last about 2 minutes. Set a timer if that helps.

Once you are finished with the massage, run hot water and soak the washcloth. Gently place the washcloth on your face and leave it there until it has cooled. Wipe the oil away gently, then rinse the washcloth well with hot water. Again, apply the hot washcloth to your face to steam your pores, holding it in place until it cools. Wipe gently to remove excess oil. Do this three or four times.

When finished, if your skin feels uncomfortably tight, take a tiny drop of your oil cleansing blend, rub between your hands, and gently pat over your face, massaging in until no excess oil remains.

In the morning, rinsing your face in the shower or wiping gently with a damp washcloth should be all that is necessary.

What’s In Oil Cleanser?

There really is no limit to what oils you can use to cleanse your skin, but Castor Oil is one of the most commonly used oils. The reason is that Castor Oil is naturally astringent, so it helps pull impurities from the skin, making it ideal for oily or combination skin (and even dry skin in lesser amounts).

Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, or Grapeseed Oil make good companions to the Castor Oil. Choose just one or two of the companion oils.

If desired, you can add a few drops of essential oils to your oil cleanser, but that is not necessary.

What To Expect

It is normal for it to take a week or so for skin to adjust, and you may even see more oily skin or more breakouts during this time as impurities leave the skin. Using soaps or facial cleansers during this time will only make the adjustment period take longer.

It may take some experimentation to find just the right blend of oils for your skin.

Join me tomorrow as I discuss different formulas for oil cleansers and choose one to make.

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