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Does your skin appear tired or dull? Looking for a quick and simple way to give it a lift? Try this serum! Carrot Seed Essential Oil has a wonderful toning effect, and is reputed to diminish fine lines and uneven complexion. We’ll add some of this essential oil to Argan […]

Carrot Seed & Argan Facial Serum

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the skin on my face. Today I’m looking closely at Raspberry Seed Oil. It has loads of natural Vitamin E, which does wonderful things for the skin as well as gives the oil a longer shelf life. Raspberry Seed Oil is high in […]

Raspberry Seed Face Moisturizer

Want a treat for the senses? Try our Frosted Cupcakes Fragrance Oil! This delectable fragrance blends sugar, cinnamon, caramel, and pecans into a phenomenal olfactory experience. I keep sniffing and sniffing, trying to decide what it is exactly that is luring me to taste the oil. Actually, you could taste […]

Fragrance Friday: Frosted Cupcakes

While scrolling through our website looking at reviews, I ran across one that mentioned a Coffee Butter Face Cream. I was intrigued, so I decided to create my own formula. Not knowing what the reviewer uses other than our Coffee Butter, that’s where I’ll begin. (Have we mentioned how much […]

Coffee Butter Face Cream

In March I made a cream I really liked featuring Shea Oil and Squalane Butter. I’ve been thinking of revisiting it, but I’d like to add some Cocoa Butter to the formula. Let’s see how we might make that work. The original formula contained Liquid Shea Oil, Almond Butter, and […]

Shea Oil & Squalane Redo

This week I’m focusing on Argan Oil, an incredible lightweight oil that offers loads of benefits. Read all about it here. Today I’m going to make a lip balm featuring Argan Oil and a couple of extracts to really pamper the lips. As with the facial moisturizer I made yesterday, […]

Argan Lip Balm

Yesterday’s blog was a feature on Argan Oil. You can read it here. Today I’m going to create a formula for a facial moisturizer featuring Argan Oil. When formulating this moisturizer, I was looking at maximizing Argan Oil’s wonderful skin benefits, so I began by looking at some extracts. Comfrey […]

Argan Oil Facial Moisturizer