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Argan Oil is high in oleic and linoleic fatty acids, which offer a longer shelf life and great skincare properties. Use in hair care, skincare, and especially in lip balms and cuticle oils.

High in Vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help improve water retention in the skin, Argan Oil is a fabulous choice for dry skin.

Argan trees produce a fruit (nut) that native Moroccan people use for their diet and skincare. The oil was once extracted from the nut after a goat ate the fruit. We no longer need to process the nuts through the bellies of goats to get this wonderful oil.

This oil is extracted from ripe fruit, which has had the shell removed. The shell is actually used as heating fuel. The fruit itself is cold expeller pressed, and the remaining protein is fed to livestock. The oil continues its journey by processing in Italy, where it is bleached through clay, deodorized by steam, and filtered to remove sediment. The oil is now ready for your cosmetics!

We suggest using this oil with problem skin like eczema, psoriasis, acne, and sunburned skin. It can be applied neat or used in a lotion or cream. Argan Oil helps suppress sebum production, which can lead to less oily skin and less acne.

This oil is historically used in Morocco to protect skin from sun damage. It also improves skin elasticity, which helps aging skin and stretch marks.

Goats climbing an Argan Tree. Photo credit: Discovery Channel and Abedellah Aboudrare/Ecole Nationale d’Agriculture

Argan oil has a subtle nutty odor and feels like jojoba oil, light and penetrating, non-greasy. We think you’ll enjoy this one!

As we take a look at Argan Oil in skin care, we’ll make a couple of products. First, a facial moisturizer, then a lip balm. Because our faces are rarely covered, the skin there takes a beating by being exposed to the elements all the time. Same with the skin on the back of our hands.

Join me tomorrow as I formulate and make a moisturizer to target the skin on the face and the back of the hands.

I couldn’t resist adding this photo of goats climbing in an argan tree! My goats don’t have trees to climb, but if they did, I’m certain they would.

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