Monthly Archives: September 2013

Today I received a very important email request. I want to share it with you. I see you have an impressive line of lip balm tubes. Would you consider adding MASCARA containers to your line? With the prices they’re charging, it is becoming a thing to make. Dear TheSage customer […]


I was a little disappointed with yesterday’s formulation. While I felt I had made steps in the right direction, I also felt I had made steps in the wrong direction as well. Do you ever have days where you feel like one step forward takes you two steps back? That […]

Lanolin Salve – Day 3

Yesterday we had our first attempt at the perfect lanolin salve for feet. I really loved the formulation but I had a few concerns. My first concern was that the salve was a little tacky. The slight tacky feeling requires that socks be put on the feet after application otherwise […]

Lanolin Salve – Day 2