Fragrance Blend Challenge! 8

I love fragrances. They can be used to transport us somewhere and tell us a story. Sometimes, it is the story sun dried linens at Grandma’s when you smell Cotton. Or maybe it is a few days after Thanksgiving and you can still smell the apple and pumpkin pie lingering in the house with Brown Sugar and Spice. Or maybe you remember your summer vacation with Pina Smoothie. Whatever it may be, odor is a powerful thing.


So, I have a challenge for you. Create a fragrance blend that takes you places or reminds you of something. Now, I am going to throw a tough piece into this challenge. Your blend must contain one of the following fragrances.

Kalahari Melon
French Lime Blossom
Berries & Twigs
Lemon Sugar
Oak Leaves & Acorns

To submit an entry, just leave a note in the comments field. Contestants only qualify if they have a small description of their blend and have percentages so that other may recreate their blend. The description can be of the odor profile and/or the back story behind creating this blend. Remember, these are requirement to qualify!

Qualified contestants get a small goodie box from our blog kitchen. So don’t miss out! Pull out your perfume testing strips and get sniffing! Good luck!


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About Taylor

I'm a twenty something happy, animal loving, curious experimenter. I love reaching back into history and trying old recipes for cosmetics or foods. I'm constantly asking "Why?" My curiosity has me trying new things. I love taking walks with my dog as well as staying at home to cuddle with the dog and my cats. Some of my favorite scents include Hinoki Wood, Rose Garden, Jasmine and Gladiator.

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8 thoughts on “Fragrance Blend Challenge!

  • Doris@Got wick? Handmade Gift Shoppe

    My blend is a floral and tropical scent. When I first opened french lime blossom, it reminded me of soemthing, but I can’t figure out what. I mixed coconut with french lime blossom, made m&p soap to try it at home, and my hubby stole it! Then I tried the same blend with some cherry blossom and pink sugar, and WOW, I don’t want to leave the shower….I named it sugar blossom.

    50% french lime blossom
    10% coconut
    25% cherry blossom
    15% pink sugar

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  • Dawn Roth

    I hope I’m not too late! I have a limited cupboard of fragrances because I’m just building! But I think I came up with something! I used Cotton as my base low tone. I felt this gave me the mossy woodsy feel of being outdoors. I used Champagne Sugar for my middle tone. I like this light fragrance because it reminds me of sweetness on the tip of your tongue. And then for the light scent I used Berries and Twigs. I think it blends well with the cotton, but it is a little strong, so I may need to tweek the amounts so it is not so overpowering. Is it possible to think of what I was envisioning and then creating? Hope so because that is what I did! I remember picking wild blackberries on the coast of California on this little brambly trail that lead down to a secluded beach. I was hoping to have a little beach scent in this and had Awapuhi on hand, but didn’t want to over think it! But when I smell this concoction, this is where I’m transported. Like I said, I’m inspired to play some more and hopefully find the blend I’m looking for, but may need to add to my collection of fragrances! I love the blogs listing just a few that helps give everyone an idea of what they are getting! Thank you!!

    I mixed this in a base of 1 oz massage lotion from Bon Vital.
    3 drops Cotton
    2 drops Champagne Sugar
    5 drops Berries & Twigs

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  • Lesley

    Hawaiian Pie
    80% Kalahari Melon and 20% vanilla yogurt

    Growing up, my Mom made what she called Hawaiian Pie. It had a graham cracker crust and with fresh fruit in a thick creamy sauce. She mainly used melon, strawberries and pineapple. It was a cool dessert in the hot summer months.

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  • caren

    I was messing around today and remembered that I had the Oak Leaves & Acorns, I had thought that it was too sweet for my liking. I took it out to make a batch of soap, small batch to test this out, I added Patchouli, I know that you either love or hate pathcouli, I happen to like it, but I used 80% Oak Leaves & Acorns and 20% Patchouli, to me, it smelled amazing, just like walking through a northern forest on a hike, the deep smell of damp oak leaves, moss, mushrooms, crisp air………deep breath, I am taken back to my youth in northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin and the woods near my house and my grandparents home.

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  • Marie

    When I was a little girl, somewhere around 9 or 10 years old, my mother had taken my sister and I Christmas shopping so we could buy a little gift for our friends. After buying all my presents, I had about 50 cents left. So naturally, I had to spend it on something. For me! I happened upon the candle aisle. There were large pillars, slender tapers, and small votive candles of every shade. Amazing aromas surrounded me. I picked up each color and smelled the different scents. I was scent-ually intoxicated and that was the day I became a scent-aholic.
    Back then, I still came home with change after buying 3 votive candles and a glass holder. (1970’ish… give or take a few years) I wanted one of each, but what I ended up getting, was 3 of the same scent rather than three different. All lemon. No Lemon Sugar. No Lemon Drop. Just Lemon. No fancy names back then. I assured my mother that I wasn’t going to burn them, I just wanted to smell them. After all, I was too young to be playing with fire. (I was surprised when she did let me light them, with her supervision, on the counter, in the kitchen.) It was such a refreshing lemon scent, which my memory was convinced I had rediscovered, when I bought the Lemon Sugar fragrance oil from MMS! I had a little flash back of my youth, the day I received it in the mail and I did a nostalgic happy dance.
    So, that brings me closer to my magical blend. My youngest daughter had only been in her first year of college for about 6 weeks and we had mixed up a batch of hand cream. It brings back memories because we had an early snow in October and it was a wonderfully cozy day. I reached for the Lemon Sugar and she grabbed the lavender. I’m not a lavender fan, AT ALL! She mixed her half of the batch lightly with lavender and I mixed my half with Lemon Sugar. We ended up with an odd man out. One extra jar. We compromised, mixed the two scents together, and wah-lah! We were so impressed that we changed them all to the combination.

    20% Lavender
    80% Lemon Sugar
    (If you’re a huge lavender fan, of course you could adjust the percentages to your liking.)

    That’s it. Simple, but wonderful! The only time I can stand the smell of lavender is if it’s mixed with Lemon Sugar. It’s a fantastic combination and my absolute favorite blend. I always think of that day whenever I smell it. It’s like a little whiff of summer on a winter day.

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