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School is quickly getting ready to start and while I am very excited, I have a small problem. My feet are dry, rough and cracking. I can’t even bear to put on socks! You can hear them snag and crackle. Ugh! It’s miserable.

To make a salve for rough, dry skin, I turned to my two favorite products, Tina’s Lanolin Butter and Bottoms Up. I love the Tina’s Lanolin Butter, but it can be sticky and a little messy. The Bottoms Up recipe is great too, but sometimes it seems a little stiff. Come join me for of trial and error for the perfect blend.

Let me give you a quick run through the ingredients that I will be using this week. I know it will be a little long, but I will try to keep it interesting so you don’t find yourself dozing off in front of your computer screen. 😉

First, I started with Emulsifying Wax. I won’t be adding water, but I will be adding Glycerin and Hydrovance, which will act much like water. So to prevent them from separating from all of the oils, we will need an emulsifier.

Next are my humectants. I actually chose to use two humectants. While this is a little unusual, I think it is perfect because they both bring different but desired qualities to the table. Glycerin is a more traditional humectant. It is very effective and intensive. It can also be a little sticky. Hydrovance is penetrating, long lasting, and very light in texture.

Vitamin E Acetate will help extend the shelf life of the oils in this salve. There is nothing worse than opening a jar that contains rancid oils! Vitamin E Acetate helps avoid that.

Next, I used Shea Butter. I decided to use High Melt Point Shea Butter because I want something that is creamy but can stay more solid in a jar on a hot day.

I also use Lanolin. Lanolin is an incredible ingredient. It creates a long lasting, durable barrier, allowing the skin to stay moisturized and soft. Because we are formulating for the tough skin of the feet, I feel it is important to have a higher percentage of Lanolin.

I also needed a wax to help keep the salve more solid in the summer heat. I didn’t want the heavy feeling of Beeswax, so I chose Soy Wax. Soy Wax is a great substitute for Beeswax in products that only have a small amount in their formulation.

Next I used Cherry Oil. I needed a light, fluid oil for this formulation. Cherry Oil is a great choice! Cherry Oil is light, dreamy, and what I like to call “a backyard exotic.”

Now we are getting into the goodies-type items in this formulation. I used Sea Buckthorn Oil, Calendula Extract, Orchid Extract, and Chamomile Extract. All of these ingredients are known for tender love and care of the skin. Sea Buckthorn Oil is reputed to help the skin rejuvenate and heal. Calendula Oil helps combat dry and rough skin. Orchid Extract has long been used for regenerative, protective, and moisturizing properties. Chamomile Extract is moisturizing and soothing. Wow! Talk about a goodie power punch for the feet!

My last oil is Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil is a light, spreadable oil that is highly penetrating. Just what we need for the tough skin of the feet.

Finally, I used a preservative. Because this formulation has humectants, a preservative is necessary. We don’t want microbes growing in our foot salve!



Emulsifying Wax
Vitamin E Acetate
Shea Butter, High Melt Point
Soy Wax
Cherry Oil
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Calendula Extract
Orchid Extract
Chamomile Extract
Jojoba Oil
Liquid Germall Plus


Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
5 grams Emulsifying Wax
8 grams Glycerin
8 grams Hydrovance
2 grams Vitamin E Acetate
25 grams Shea Butter, High Melt Point
25 grams Lanolin
6 grams Soy Wax
7 grams Cherry Oil
1 gram Sea Buckthorn Oil
2 grams Calendula Extract
2 grams Orchid Extract
2 grams Chamomile Extract
6.5 grams Jojoba Oil
0.5 grams Liquid Germall Plus
Recipe in Ounces
0.17 oz Emulsifying Wax
0.28 oz Glycerin
0.28 oz Hydrovance
0.07 oz Vitamin E Acetate
0.88 oz Shea Butter, High Melt Point
0.88 oz Lanolin
0.21 oz Soy Wax
0.24 oz Cherry Oil
0.03 oz Sea Buckthorn Oil
0.07 oz Calendula Extract
0.07 oz Orchid Extract
0.07 oz Chamomile Extract
0.22 oz Jojoba Oil
0.01 oz Liquid Germall Plus
Recipe in Percentages
5% Emulsifying Wax
8% Glycerin
8% Hydrovance
2% Vitamin E Acetate
25% Shea Butter, High Melt Point
25% Lanolin
6% Soy Wax
7% Cherry Oil
1% Sea Buckthorn Oil
2% Calendula Extract
2% Orchid Extract
2% Chamomile Extract
6.5 % Jojoba Oil
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus

Weigh all of the ingredients except for the preservative into a microwave safe container. Heat in the microwave using short time bursts until everything is melted. Use an immersion blender to blend the ingredients, making sure the glycerin and hydrovance don’t separate.

Add the Liquid Germall Plus once the temperature drops to approximately 120° F in the mixing bucket. Stir gently until completely mixed. Pour into containers and allow to cool completely before labeling. Enjoy!


This formulation was surprisingly close to what I wanted but it is not quiet there. This formulation soft in the jar and very easy to rub into the skin. It melts on the skin nicely and has wonderful drag. I found the formulation a little sticky, but that is my personal preference. I know my dad would love this formulation right away! This is perfect if you will be putting socks on to help contain the moisture.


Finished Salve on my finger

Finished Salve on my finger





Cooled Salve

Cooled Salve


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  • Janet Schreiner

    Since my feet are in terrible condition and as fall approaches and I can feel comfortable in socks again, I will try this recipe to see if it helps my feet at all. Thanks Taylor for another great recipe.

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