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I am pleased to announce the winner for the Thankful Themed Guest Blogger Challenge. This was a hard theme to choose a winner but after a long discussion and vote tallying, we made up our minds. Mesha, you are the winner for the Thankful theme! I’ll be contacting you shortly […]

Thankful Guest Blog Winner!

I am excited to share with you our second guest blogger this week. I hope you enjoy her story and don’t forget to vote for the guest blog winner of the week! Also, don’t forget to enter your story for a chance to win a $100 MMS gift certificate! Don’t […]

Patience Guest Blogger ~ Cindy

During this time of year, many of us give to a local food pantry or other causes for the holidays. Here at MMS, right before Thanksgiving and Christmas, we go grocery shopping for the local food pantry. That way local families can have some holiday favorites including turkey, ham, stuffing, […]

Guest Blog Theme – Charity

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did. I got to spend time with friends and family. We played a puzzle that took all of us to solve. That was great! This week, the theme for our guest bloggers is patience. Don’t forget to […]

Patience Guest Blogger ~ Judy

Hello. Andee and I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day. Whether you are having turkey, ham, tofu, chicken, beef or fish for your Thanksgiving meal, I hope it brings enjoyment, laughter and a good time. Know that there is always someone, somewhere, thinking of you […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Wow! Where has all of the time gone? While you think of what you have to be thankful of, don’t forget to vote of the guest bloggers this week! In the mean time, allow me to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. […]

Thankful Guest Blogger ~ Karie

This week is Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite holidays. Family gathers round, we all talk, prepare food, play with the kids and have an afternoon nap. What joy! Have you ever heard “Those who break bread together are less likely to engage in animosity”? I really like this […]

Guest Blog Theme – Patience

The first guest blogger we have this week is Mesha. She emailed in for our blog challenge and told us what she is thankful this season. What a treat. I hope you enjoy her story and don’t forget to participate in our guest blogger challenge. Each guest writer who wins […]

Thankful Guest Blogger ~ Mesha

Today is Freebie Friday! I have been so excited to share this particular Freebie Friday because today we are featuring some of our bases! Wahoo! Today, it is snowing here in Cache Valley and on snow days, one of my favorite things to do is to test new products on […]

Freebie Friday!