Freebie Friday!

Today is Freebie Friday! I have been so excited to share this particular Freebie Friday because today we are featuring some of our bases! Wahoo! Today, it is snowing here in Cache Valley and on snow days, one of my favorite things to do is to test new products on myself. (Hehe.) Everyone needs a self soothe and pamper day. Today, we have sample for everyone. Let’s take a look at the samples being released today! 

The first base on our list today is our Bubble Bath Base. This base is fun to use because it uses water based colors beautifully and is so easy to fragrance. This is definitely a base that brings out the inner child or make bath time great fun for kids. Do you want to see a really cool project Andee did creating bubble bath paints? Check out her blog post! You are sure to enjoy!


Next on our list today is our Shaving Cream Base. Now this is not your average soapy shaving cream. In fact, it isn’t soapy at all! This shaving cream base protects, glides and conditions your skin. Don’t worry about that dreaded razor burn, you are protected from those shape blades. Plus, you can scent the shaving cream with anything you desire. Could this get any better?!


With winter weather coming and making skin dry and worse for wear, it is nice to have a jar of cream on hand. Try our Body Cream Base to keep you and your family’s skin soft, supple and hydrated. Try this Minty Foot Cream recipe that Treva posted. Just remember to reduce the usage rate of the Peppermint Essential Oil. With maybe a little luck, you just might get a foot massage too!


The last base on our list today is our Shower Gel Base. This base is clear, cleansing gel with a smooth creamy lather. I recently made a a bottle using the Shower Gel Base, our new Woodland Ice fragrance Oil and our water soluble colors. It was green in color and though I did not use much color at all, it was eye catching and brilliant! Wow! Try this fantastic base today!


Now don’t forget to request one of these bases in your next order! You won’t want to miss out. I will be sending 250 samples of each base down to the shipping department. Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


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