Monthly Archives: November 2011

Several weeks ago, I visited the farmers market down in Salt Lake City. One of the vendors had huckleberries. What a delight!  I love huckleberries. They have such wonderful flavor. YUM! As a result, I was inspired to make a lip gloss using our huckleberry flavor. Come join me the […]

Frosted Huckleberry Lip Gloss

Okay, so I feel really bad that I spaced on releasing the post last Friday. Things are getting really crazy. Ack! So, do you think I can do another freebie Friday? Can Freebie Friday be done on Monday? Any complaints? If so, please give your complete compaint on a .25 […]

Freebie Friday – Day 2

Egad! I forgot to release Freebie Friday last week! What was I thinking? Well, here is a well over due Freebie Friday. Freebie Friday is wonderful because it allows you to try new fragrances in your order absolutely free! Are you ready to jump in? Here we go! First on […]

Freebie Friday!