Monthly Archives: June 2011

Not long ago, I made the Fluffy Body Powder. I have had some time to contemplate the recipe and what I thought about it. I really liked it but I think I used too much Natrasorb for my preference. The Natrasorb has really big particles which lend a slight texture. […]

Gentle Body Powder

Chocolate is a fantastic flavor. Did you know that chocolate is the world’s second most popular flavor? (Right after vanilla.) I decided that this week I also wanted to make a Chocolate Lip Gloss. I think we have a themed week here. Yay for chocolate! Come join me in the […]

Chocolate Lip Gloss

Spring is definitely here and that means summer is on its way. Here in Utah, that means that we are already seeing the beginning signs of dry skin. I wanted to make a lotion that would help the skin retain its moisture. Keeping the skin moisturized is very important because […]

Dry Skin Lotion

Four weeks ago I shared some cute pictures of Sadie after playing and since then, my e-mail has been bombarded with requests for more pictures. She is now two months old and I have been constantly amazed by Sadie’s antics and her new tricks. She moves so fast, I only […]

Sadie: Pouncing Furball

When I was in school, growing up here in Cache Valley, we would always cover some part of the valley’s history. Some of the stories I have not been able to forget. Ask any local here the story of Old Ephraim and you will be sat down to hear this […]

Mountain Man Bar