Sadie: Pouncing Furball 3

Sadie playing with a crumpled Post-It note.

Four weeks ago I shared some cute pictures of Sadie after playing and since then, my e-mail has been bombarded with requests for more pictures. She is now two months old and I have been constantly amazed by Sadie’s antics and her new tricks. She moves so fast, I only got two good pictures out of the 20 I took this morning!

She loves to run across the house as fast as she can just to follow Victor or any feet of the people in the house. We’ve learned to shuffle in her presence! 😉 She usually can keep herself entertained with attacking small toy mice, climbing anything that will support her weight including her carrier, the cat condo, the sofa and even the bed. Sadie has also discovered that one of the cats, Leo, has a tail that twitches and that tail must be pounced on.

Sometimes when she pounces her tail will become fluffed. We have to laugh because it has coarse appearance like a skunk’s tail. Due to these silly antics she has earned herself several nicknames. My favorites are Tile or Carpet Shark, Tiger, and Little Stinker.

Sadie sitting on the top of the cat condo.

When at home, I usually spend time writing and Sadie has discovered that not all of my crumpled papers actually make it into the wastebasket. She will prance up to a crumpled ball of paper and swat it across the tile floor. She seems to prefer the colorful Post-It notes over the plain white notepaper and I can’t decide if it is the color or the size.

Tomorrow is her first appointment with the veterinarian and I think he will be pleased to see how well she is doing. I’m crossing my fingers that he gives us a clean bill of health and that Sadie won’t be too mad about her first shots.

I’ll share more pictures of Sadie this coming up weekend!

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