Monthly Archives: November 2010

Our front office has an aloe plant that is just about ready to bloom. When the aloe blooms, I’ll take a picture to share. I was sitting and admiring the plant when I decided that the aloe needed some of the leaves trimmed. As I was trimming, I thought that […]

Aloe Soap

Whoops! I accidentally released this post before I finished with it, so here is the full and complete post for those who receive the e-mail notifications of new blog posts. Yesterday, I shared the Gentle Exfoliation Scrub that was created for Dallin’s itchy flaky arm and I promised I would […]

Gentle Massage Butter

Dallin, one of the guys in our Production Department, recently broke his arm and as a result his arm was in a hard cast for several weeks. He now has a removable soft cast instead of the hard cast and he is enjoying the ability to remove the extra weight […]

Gentle Exfoliation Scrub