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Dallin, one of the guys in our Production Department, recently broke his arm and as a result his arm was in a hard cast for several weeks. He now has a removable soft cast instead of the hard cast and he is enjoying the ability to remove the extra weight from his arm and soothe the itchy skin.

Dallin asked me if I had something to help his itchy arm because when the hard cast was removed there was a lot of flaky skin that needed some gentle exfoliation without irritating the skin too much. I gladly agreed since I know that the skin needs some care after all that time in the cast.

I headed off to the blog kitchen with a notebook in hand to formulate a gentle scrub that would work well on Dallin’s arm. After perusing my collection of scrub recipes, I decided that I wanted to use a fine baker’s sugar, clay and various extracts to help the skin without being irritating.

Collect needed items:

Rice Bran Oil
Sesame Oil
Bentonite Clay
Salt, fine (I used Dendritic Salt, but Popcorn Salt works too)
Chamomile Extract
Pumpkin Extract
Comfrey Leaves Extract
Preservative (I used LiquaPar Oil.)
Fragrance (I used Crystal Blue Fragrance Oil)
Transfer Pipettes
Containers for the finished products (I used the 2 ounce Low Profile Jars with Straight Black Lids.)
Recipe in ounces: (Makes 16 ounces)
8.35 ounces Sugar
3.13 ounces Rice Bran Oil
1.93 ounces Sesame Oil
0.96 ounces Bentonite
0.96 ounces Salt, fine
0.16 ounces Chamomile Extract
0.16 ounces Pumpkin Extract
0.16 ounces Comfrey Extract
0.16 ounces LiquaPar Oil
0.08 ounces Crystal Blue Fragrance Oil
Recipe in grams:
236.6 grams Sugar
88.7 grams Rice Bran Oil
54.6 grams Sesame Oil
27.3 grams Bentonite Clay
27.3 grams Salt, fine
4.55 grams Chamomile Extract
4.55 grams Pumpkin Extract
4.55 grams Comfrey Extract
4.55 grams LiquaPar Oil
2.3 grams Crystal Blue Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages:
52% Sugar
19.5% Rice Bran Oil
12% Sesame Oil
6% Bentonite
6% Salt, fine
1% Chamomile Extract
1% Pumpkin Extract
1% Comfrey Extract
1% LiquaPar Oil
0.5% Crystal Blue Fragrance Oil

Weigh the liquid ingredients into the mixing container. With recipes that you weigh like this, I like to add my fragrance oil, extracts and preservative to the fixed oils before I add the dry ingredients. Now, add the salt and sugar and stir. Once the mixture is completely blended, slowly add the clay and stir until all the clumps of clay have been broken. Fill containers with mixed scrub. Stir the scrub mixture frequently while filling the jars to keep an evenly filled jar.

This recipe filled three 4 ounce Low Profile Jars.

If you don’t want to use the LiquaPar Oil as a preservative, Optiphen is the other preservative we would recommend for this recipe.

You may be asking why did I choose the various ingredients that I used in this scrub? Here are my reasons.

Chamomile Extract: I picked the Chamomile Extract because chamomile is relaxing, moisturizing, soothing, calming, cooling, and anti-inflammatory. This worked well for my purpose of helping the skin on Dallin’s arm.

Comfrey Leaves Extract: I chose the Comfrey Leaves Extract for its emollient, healing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and tissue repair promoting properties.

Pumpkin Seed Extract: Since the Pumpkin Seed Extract is new, I wanted a reason to play with it. Since Pumpkin Seed Extract has a high Omega 3 and Omega 6 content as well as that it is know to be a great stimulant for dull, sluggish skin.

Rice Bran Oil: I like the feel of the Rice Bran on the skin and I felt that using this oil would not feel heavy as I consider it to be a light/mid weight oil.

Sesame Oil: I selected the Sesame Oil since it is also a light/mid weight oil in my book and the smooth and creamy feel of this oil is fantastic.

Bentonite Clay: This clay is well known for the silky feel in soap and I wanted that silky feel in the scrub that would also protect the skin from being scrubbed too hard.

Fine Baker’s Sugar: I could have used regular table sugar, but I didn’t want this scrub to be too rough on the skin. By reducing the particle size of the sugar, I was able to make sure that the scrub wouldn’t be too harsh on the newly exposed skin that is young tender skin.

Salt, fine: I added the Dendritic Salt to help prevent a syrupy layer at the bottom of the jar. I wanted to make sure I used a fine salt that would not add a coarse texture to the finished scrub.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the massage butter in a tube that I made for Dallin to use after using the scrub!


Finished scrub on my fingers.

After weighing the liquid ingredients.

Adding the sugar.

Mixing the salt and sugar with the liquid ingredients.

Mixed scrub ready for the clay.

Adding the clay.

Mixing the clay into the scrub.

Finished scrub in a 4 oz Low Profile Jar.

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  • bluebutterflz

    This sounds great! I tried two other sugar scrub of yours and loved them both, especially the vanilla dream scrub! Would I have to worry about this seperating? I generally prefer the ones with a butter cause it doesn’t seperate as much.

    Oh and thanks for breaking it down with your whys for each… Can’t wait to try another!

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