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Sometimes we get to see non-soap items in our line of work. Today is one of those days. After seeing these heads of garlic I can only hope to achieve the results that Nick and Bonnie are currently getting. I talked to Bonnie today, and she told me that Nick […]

Garlic Persistance

Monday was a great snow day. It was 12 to 28 inches of white stuff, depending on where each MMS employee lives. This slow moving, heavy storm brought up our failed soap ideas. What do you think of doing when the weather dumps lots of snow? A cup of hot […]

Reviving A Failed Batch

Let’s talk a moment about curing soap. If the soap was made properly, cure time is used for giving up excess water to the air. This is great if you live in a desert, but what if you live in a humid location? We highly recommend all soap get cut […]

Curing Soap

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t expecting the amount of snow that was sitting outside. Since some of the employees have 8-plus inches of snow, and others can’t see the end of their driveways due to heavy wind, a snow day for MMS has been called until 10 […]

Snow and the Plate Test

One of the many question I asked myself this week was, “How do I formulate my own lip balm?” To answer this question, I studied different recipes that I like to find similarities. I discovered that I love softer lip balms for daytime and firmer, waxier lip balms at night, […]

Lip Balm Formulation

I made a Lip Gloss on February 10th and I thought it was very nice. I had a question about choosing a oil for recipe, so I did some research to find the answer. I like to follow the policy of “If you have a question, someone else has the […]

Lip Gloss

I just received a notice from UPS about a possible shipment disruption in Northeast Georgia due to severe winter weather. Affected ZIP Codes: 30011 – 30056 30601 – 30623 30625 – 30633 30638 30641 – 30642 30645 – 30656 30663 – 30683 Impacted Services: Severe winter weather is affecting operations […]

Shipping Alert