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Do you remember the Wassail and Diffuser Reed Bottles post on January 8th? If you remember these fun diffuser reeds, then you will enjoy today. We are going to change the fragrance in the diffuser reed bottle, but what do you do with the oil that is still in the […]

Emptying Diffuser Reed Bottles

Yesterday we dealt with how to make perfumes with alcohol. What if you want to make clear sprays, but don’t want to deal with alcohol issues? Cyclomethicone to the rescue! Before we get too far into the cyclomethicone blog post, I need to explain that cyclomethicone is NOT the perfect […]

Monster Away Spray

I just received a notice from UPS about a possible shipment disruption in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming due to severe winter weather. Cause: Severe Winter Weather Affected ZIP Codes: Montana 59003 – 59043 59317 – 59351 North Dakota 58523 – 58530 58539 58643 – 58656 South Dakota […]

Shipping Alert

Yesterday we covered room sprays, but what about perfumes and body mists? Using a body mist or perfume can help make a person smell nice when we go to events that we don’t want to smell like sweaty pigs, but we don’t want to smell like we have jumped into […]

Perfumes & Body Mists

Are you familiar with the MMS Product Samplers? These Room Sprays are so much fun and they make your house smell good. I have heard several customers asking how to make room sprays just like these, so I thought I would answer this question in today’s post. Collect needed items: […]

Room Sprays

Yesterday we made a clay face mask with oils, but if you have extremely oily skin, that mask won’t work well for you. Today I’m going to show you a clay face mask without oils. This mask is definitely more fluid than yesterday’s mask, easier to apply and cool on […]

Another Clay Facial Mask

Clay face masks are wonderful for removing excess oil, contaminants, and dead skin. Today we are going to make a clay mask. Collect needed items: Water Hydrovance Liquid Oil of your choice (I’m using Sunflower Oil) Emulsifying Wax Stearic Acid Clay of Choice (I’m using Pink Kaolin) Liquid Germall Plus […]

Clay Facial Mask

I’m not the most girly-girl, I’ll admit that right up front. I’d rather be out on the shooting range than any where else. My dad and I joke that the only powder I wear is gunpowder. Having said that, I enjoy hangnails, shredded fingernails, and dry cuticles as much as […]

Precious Cuticles

What does lye heavy soap look like? I want to show a photo from a well known book.This is Norma Coney’s book, The Complete Soapmaker. You may have a copy. The photo on page 32, as shown here, is the perfect example of what NOT to make. This soap is […]

Lye Heavy Soap

Botanicals are often added to soaps. While I don’t have problems with most botanicals there are ways to add these items and few problems. No sweets: if your fruit item is sugary sweet it will probably cause problems in your soap. If you must add a peach puree to your […]

Botanicals in Soap