Lip Balms

Here at last, here at last, thank heavens it is here at last! What am I talking about? Why, the famous Java Juice Lip Balm recipe! I have been begging the R&D team for the ability to share this fabulous recipe and they have finally given permission. Wahoo! Come join […]

Famous Java Juice Lip Balm

Complete set of Halloween Lip Balms. 1
As I told you on Friday, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’ve decided that now I have some adorable Halloween labels, I have to put together some lip balm samples for the Shipping Department. If you are lucky enough, you will get one of these lip balms in your order […]

Halloween Lip Balms

I think we are lip scrub junkies here! Lip scrubs are easy to make, and they are great additions to gift baskets and product lines. If you already offer body scrubs and lip balms, then you should try lip scrubs. They are easy, fun, and even tasty! Are you still […]

Coffee Lip Scrub

Imagine a sweltering hot day where your hair has frizzed into a halo around your head, your hands are wrapped around a rough and hard sphere while you sip the cool, sweet, mildly flavored liquid from inside. Fresh coconut is what I imagine when I used this lip balm. Don’t […]

Cookoo for Coconuts Lip Balm