Lip Balms

I am a major fan of tropical fruits. Papaya, mango, kiwi, pineapple, coconut and starfruit all find a place on my kitchen counter throughout the year. They are all just so yummy. I even like to make Pina Colada inspired smoothies. Just take a can of coconut milk and some […]

Virgin Pina Colada Lip Gloss

There is something delectable and enticing about sun warmed honey. One of my favorite ways to eat honey is atop a sweet, oven fresh cornbread and creamed butter. If the honey drips off the corn bread, not to worry, licking the honey off your fingertips is half the fun! (If […]

Honey Elixir Lip Gloss

I love vacations but I don’t always have the ability to just pick up and go. So I like to bring a vacation to me. Sometimes I do it by choosing a new scent for my lotion or I make bath salts so I can sit in the evening and […]

Tropical Illusion Lip Balm

I love lip products. Lip balms, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip stains, etc. You name it, I have and love it. One thing that makes for some difficulties is that no lip product is  alike. Some are thick and heavy, some are light, others are long lasting while yet others […]

Tantalizing Tangerine Lip Gloss

You know when a good friend introduces you to something so good, it feels like it has turned into an addiction. Yeah. I am suffering from the effects of a well intentioned friend. My new addiction, you ask? Caramel Lattes. Well, today I am going to give into that addiction […]

Caramel Latte Lip Balm

We are approaching spring. How do I know? I am getting all kinds of gardening catalogs in my mail box. They are filled with glossy photos of juicy tomatoes, golden corn and plump berries. I can’t wait to be able to harvest directly from my garden. One thing I am […]

Cantaloupe Kisses Lip Balm