Easy Project Ideas for Groups

Are you looking for simple and fun group projects? We have you covered!

We have so many options in our bases and kits.

What do summer camps, sleepovers, family reunions, and retreats have in common? They are all times when a little creativity is a lot of fun. Our bases and kits make it easy to get creative without overloading your brain or your budget.

My husband’s family is huge, and we have been to family reunions with several hundred people. I wish there would have been a creative activity that might have gotten people mingling outside their normal family units. There were lots of fun things for the children, but the adults did a lot of sitting around eating, playing games, and chatting. That’s not a completely bad thing, but I think it would have been much more fun to make lotion or lip balm to take home. So when someone puts you in charge of the activity schedule, think of us.

We have several options in our fabulous Lip Solutions line. These bases are all ready to go – just melt, add a flavor (or leave them plain), and fill lip balm tubes or jars. Check out all the different formulas:
Lanolin Lip Solutions
Mango Butter Lip Solutions
Shea Butter Lip Solutions
Soy Lip Solutions
Tangerine Lip Solutions
Vegan Lip Solutions
Veggie Lip Solutions

If you’re not sure which Lip Solutions formula to choose, order a sampler pack and test them all.

We offer Lip Solutions Gift Kits with a jar of either Mango Butter, Lanolin, or Shea Lip Solutions; 1/4-ounce jars and lids; transfer pipettes; flavor; and labels! Each kit has a choice of four flavors. It’s the easiest thing ever!

A complete Cucumber Melon Shea Lip Solutions Gift Kit that I got.

A complete Cucumber Melon Shea Lip Solutions Gift Kit ready to be used.

Finished jars of lip balm with cute labels!

Finished jars of lip balm with cute labels!

If you want one of the other Lip Solutions formulas, no worries. Just order the appropriate amount of containers as suggested in the catalog description. You can choose a flavor oil from our catalog, too, or even a few flavoring options if you like.

What about lotion? We have kits and bases of everything from Body Milk to Massage Cream. There is a moisturizer for every skin type and situation.

Kits include Body Milk and Body Cream. Both kits contain a gallon of the moisturizer, 20 containers, a fragrance oil, and preprinted labels. There is nothing simpler than making lotion with these kits!

But if you are interested in one of our other moisturizer bases, check out this list:
Body Butter (Paraben Free)
Goat Milk Cream (Paraben Free)
Head to Toe Body Cream (Paraben Free)
Sunflower Body Milk
Sunny Body Cream

Each of the bases comes in sample sizes (2 ounces), so you can try them, and when you are ready to create, choose between 1.75 pounds, one gallon, or four gallons. Then choose a fragrance or essential oil – or a selection of several. With more than 200 options, you’re sure to find something you like! We are happy to guide you in the appropriate container size for your group – just give our customer service a call at 435.755.0863 or email using the form here!

What else can you make? How about shampoo and conditioner sets? We have both bases. Beard and hair oil? Check. Body wash? Check. Scrubs? Check. There is no end to the creativity you can unleash.

Something else we can do for you is print special labels for your event. We can work with your existing artwork or create something with your specifications. It’s like making your very own, very unique kit! You’ll need to order farther in advance than if you purchase a gift kit, but it would make a lovely touch.

I’ve used our Lip Solutions to help a volleyball team make lip balms for a weekend tournament they were hosting. They created and printed their own labels, and those lip balms were a huge hit. The players from all the visiting teams were so appreciative of the gift, and it made the host team feel great to offer such a nice welcome gift.

What events do you have coming up that would be an excellent time to create? Give it some thought, and see if we can help.

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