Fragrance Friday: An Adventure in Blending

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything related to fragrance blending and I’ll admit that I haven’t made time to play around with the fragrances in our blog kitchen! I’m embarrassed to admit that I recently ran out of body cream and I was in desperate need for a new cream. I decided to get a gallon of the Everyday Lotion Base and scent it with a fresh and clean scent blend. Join me in the blog kitchen as I share a few recipes and scent blend inspirations featuring Sea Salt Fragrance Oil.

First, let me gush about Sea Salt for a moment. Sea Salt is a clean scent with a sophisticated scent medley of floral, ozone, woods, and a hint of citrus. When we first added Sea Salt to the catalog, I’ll admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the fragrance.

Want to know what changed my mind?

Smelling a candle that was called “Sea Salt + Jasmine” and being absolutely stunned at how much I liked it! I’ve never thought of myself as a person who liked florals such as Jasmine. As soon as I could, I rummaged through the collection of fragrances in the blog kitchen to find both Jasmine and Sea Salt. I placed 1 drop of each fragrance oil on a Sachet Card and waved the card under my nose. Ah, perfection!

Sea Salt + Jasmine Blend

1 part Jasmine Fragrance Oil
1 part Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

After creating the Sea Salt + Jasmine blend, I found myself wanting to use Sea Salt again. Specifically, that blend is where my first bit of inspiration for a fresh blend started and what challenged me to try blending other scents with Sea Salt. So, I rummaged through the fragrance drawers and pulled out the following fragrances to try blending with Sea Salt for a fresh and calm scent.

I started by mixing equal parts of Sea Salt and the other fragrance choices on separate Sachet Cards. (When I’m doing this type of blending, I’ll cut the Sachet Cards in half to double my number of blend testing cards.) The surprising result of all of my blends is that I learned that Sea Salt blends well with lots of different fragrances!

Initial Blending Results

The most popular blend with the rest of the MMS crew was equal parts of Ginger Pomelo and Sea Salt. I had a few people gush over the blend and how fresh it smelled. When asked where they would use the blend, I was told anything for the shower like scrubs, soaps, and even body wash!

1 part Ginger Pomelo Fragrance Oil
1 part Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

The blend with equal parts of 21 and Sea Salt was equally as popular. I had a few recommendations to change the blend to a larger amount of 21. With a few changes, we decided that the best ratio for 21 and Sea Salt was 2:1.

2 parts 21 Fragrance Oil
1 part Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

The rest of the fragrance blends were great, and each was enjoyed by at least one person on our crew. Despite me liking all the blends, it was an easy choice for me to pick a favorite blend for a lotion. I wanted a calm and fresh scent, so I chose the blend of Sea Salt and Cucumber.

My Favorite Blend

1 part Cucumber Fragrance Oil
1 part Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

Since Cucumber is a refreshing and calming scent to me, I was pleased with how well it blended with Sea Salt. I decided that I loved the blend, and I was ready to use it. Now I needed to calculate how much fragrance I would need to scent a whole gallon with moderate scent usage.


99.4% Everyday Lotion Base
0.3% Sea Salt Fragrance Oil
0.3% Cucumber Fragrance Oil

1 Gallon

1 gallon Everyday Lotion Base
0.35 oz Sea Salt Fragrance Oil
0.35 oz Cucumber Fragrance Oil

When I stirred my fragrance blend of equal parts into my gallon of Everyday Lotion Base, I was whisked off to a fancy spa. I love how just smelling this made me feel like I was being pampered and handfed grapes! All of that before I even applied the lotion to my skin.

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve made over 100 of these for the shipping team to send out with orders! What scent will you mix with Sea Salt?


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