Product Feature: Regular Cocoa Butter and Lavender Buds

Chocolate on a foil

Raw ingredients never cease to surprise and delight me. I love seeing the natural variation that occurs from crop to crop. We recently got in two materials that are so exceptional, they have me planning recipes at all hours of the day. So what are these items that have me in a day dream? Regular Cocoa Butter and USA Lavender Buds!

I discovered the rich, enticing smell of chocolate this week when I went to talk to our warehouse manager. I completely forgot why I sought out our warehouse manager and demanded to know where the chocolate was being hidden. With a hearty laugh, our warehouse manager explained that intoxicating aroma is our newest lot of Regular Cocoa Butter.

If you love the smell of chocolate in your products, I highly recommend trying our regular Cocoa Butter. In fact, I have a list of recipes I want to make and I can’t decide which one to make first! I may need some help choosing.

The Ultimate Tiramisu Lip Balm You Will Love
If you love tiramisu, I highly recommend this lip balm. It mimics this delightful dessert which has been crafted with meticulous care. And this isn’t cloyingly sweet, demanding to be accompanied by a cup of black coffee. No, this lip balm is like tiramisu was crafted to be. It is softly sweet with the delicate flavor of cream, robust espresso, and fruity cocoa. You can make a matching lip scrub!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Lip Balm
I think this chocolate lip balm would be perfect for any chocolate lover. If you don’t want chocolate and strawberries, make it double chocolate by adding our Chocolate Creme Flavor Oil. Or even consider trying our Blueberry Flavor Oil for chocolate blueberries! Either way, you will find you will want to keep a tube on hand at all times!

Easy Whipped Shea Butter – Frosting Inspired
While this original recipe uses white cocoa butter, by changing out for the regular cocoa butter, this Whipped Shea Butter would smell just like chocolate frosting. I know a few people who would love to be spoiled by a cream rich in texture and aroma. After all, this is a frosting style indulgence without the guilt or the calories.

While the Regular Cocoa Butter has me wandering the warehouse looking for chocolate stashed away, the USA Lavender Buds have me headed for the kitchen, wanting to make tub teas, soap, and sachets that I can tuck around the house. I love how the USA Lavender Buds are a richer purple color with a strong, sweet aroma. While I do like our other Lavender Buds, the USA Lavender Buds are my favorite.

Mother’s Day Milky Tub Tea
This tub is a breeze to whip up. Between the lavender buds, chamomile, and vanilla, the scent is sweet and amazing. I use this as my go-to recipe for quick gifts. I adore the color that the botanicals add to this tub tea. I love to put it in clear, plastic jars to show off the beautiful tub tea inside.

Sweet Milky Tub Tea
This is my favorite tub tea recipe. I add lavender buds to this recipe and both my cat and I heartily approve. This recipe was originally formulated by Andee and it has an unforgettable aroma that gently clings to the skin. I have to keep my sachets of this tub tea in a secure location otherwise my cat, Leo, takes them off to his bed for a cuddle.

Chai & Lavender Soap
It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of lavender, but I love lavender and spice blended together. It makes for a unique and memorable scent. Decorate the top of this soap with lavender buds and get people talking! I have gotten more comments from lavender and spice blends than plain lavender scented products.


What would you make with either of the ingredients? Let me know!


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