Monthly Archives: February 2016

It may still be February and I may be dreaming of sunshine, grass and gardening, but outside my window are still piles of snow. I seem to do this to myself every year. I get impatient for the next season rather than enjoying the current one. Would you like to […]

Easy Cuticle Oil with Orchid Extract

The other morning I was driving into work and the roads were pretty foggy. The fog was really dense, making it hard to see. As I traveled down the road, the fog changed color from grey/blue to brilliant scarlet pink. I knew it was the sunlight making the fog pink […]

Cotton Candy Cloud Lotion

I love all kinds of lip products and often times, the more colorful they are, the better. I have done a few blogs on how to create a lip tint but I think they are always worth returning to. After all, there are thousands of colors out there and popular […]

Making a Deep Plum Lip Tint