Favorite Soap Dish Challenge with Cindy!

Cindy's Washtub and Bear Soap Dish!

Cindy’s Washtub and Bear Soap Dish!

I have had another entry for the Favorite Soap Dish Challenge! Cindy wrote in, sharing pictures of a few of her favorite soap dishes. I was astounded at how cute and clever her soap dishes are. I think I have been looking in the wrong places for a soap dish!

Cindy's Rowboat Soap Dish

Cindy’s Rowboat Soap Dish

I know this is late, but we have moved into our new house and I am feverishly unpacking my things and am so anxious to get to my soaping and body making supplies so that I can start making delightful things. 

I love anything with a woody touch to it, especially moose and bears.  When I saw these, I had to have them.  I used to attend the HSMG conferences and I would bring home some things that were indigenous of the area.  I found one of these in Oregon and one in Yellowstone and one in my local Walmart.  Now that I am finding my treasures again, I can bring them out of their dark cardboard boxes to decorate my lovely home with the mountain feel that I so much enjoy.

Bathtub Bear Soap Dish

Bathtub Bear Soap Dish

Cindy, I am so glad you shared your soap dishes with us. Those are so fun! It makes me want to go on a soap dish hunt!

I have got to be missing out on other cute soap dishes. Think yours is cute, funny and/or elegant? Snap a photo and send it to us. Remember winners will receive hand selected items from my private stash! How sweet is that? Don’t miss out!



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