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Ok, seriously? Where has the year gone? September is mere days away! If you are on Pinterest much, you are probably seeing a spike in fall themed projects, meals and treats. Are you ready for the season of craft fairs and shows? Don’t forget to plan your orders around the […]

September 2015 Calendar

Making my own personal care products brings about an immense feeling of satisfaction. I take great pride in gifting friends and family with products I can say I made. There is just something amazing and incredible about the entire experience. It is like finishing your first knitted scarf, your first […]

Semi Solid Shea Oil Lip Balm

Today I wanted to make a medium weight body lotion featuring the Semi-Solid Shea Oil. I wanted it to be a little thick in the jar without being overly heavy or making the skin excessively slick. I was looking for something that would make the skin feel soft and smooth […]

Shea Body Lotion

This recipe is loosely based off of the Bookworm Tootsie Cream. The original recipe is a wonderfully thick cream laden with loads of goodies. While I did want to keep the goodie laden aspect of this cream, I really wanted the Semi-Solid Shea Oil and Aloe Butter to share the […]

Creamy Shea Foot Cream