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When I came back from China, I brought back a wealth of knowledge and experiences really have changed my perspective on life, lifestyles, culture and food. People ask about my adventures abroad but there is so much to tell, I hardly know where to begin! I often start with the […]

Ginger and Silk Soap

Here at last, here at last, thank heavens it is here at last! What am I talking about? Why, the famous Java Juice Lip Balm recipe! I have been begging the R&D team for the ability to share this fabulous recipe and they have finally given permission. Wahoo! Come join […]

Famous Java Juice Lip Balm

I need some help from our readers! A recent event gave me a different perspective on how lip balm can be marketed. Let me give you a quick run down. Patient is checked into the hospital. A nasal cannula in inserted into the nostrils to provide a flow of oxygen. […]

Is Vaseline OK?