Using Soap

Yesterday I showed you how to make wool wrapped soaps. As nice as the wool wrapped soaps are some days, I need something outside that allows for a quick scrub and for my soap to dry quickly. One thing I started to do in order to make sure I wasn’t […]

Nylon Soaps

I have a family friend who showed me how to make wool wrapped soap. Lynn from Spinderellas,, has known my mother for several years as they are both spinners. Lynn has been caring for our fleeces, by washing and carding them. She taught us how to make wool wrapped […]

Wool Wrapped Soap

Have you ever gone to the sink to wash your hands and picked up a wet, slimy bar of soap? It just feels disgusting! Personally, I cannot stand the feel of wet, slimy soap. Sometimes, I have wondered if there are clothes pins large enough for bars of soap. One […]

Soap Bowl