Monthly Archives: October 2011

I know I have been rather absent here on the blog. With Halloween here, and the rest of the holidays approaching fast, it is easy to get a little distracted! Ack! Today, I will be share what happens when you superheat your lip balm and pour it into the tray […]

Lip Balm Filling Trays – Day 3

Today I realized that we have used all of our colors of glitter except iridescent! How did that happen? I had to go search high and low for the perfect scent to go with the iridescent glitter. Angel? No, that didn’t seem quite right. In the end I chose Snow Drops. What […]

Snow Drops Glitter Soap

I love the rich flavor of huckleberries. There is a small local pizzeria here that makes wonderful dessert pizzas.  My favorite is one that has marscapone, apples, and a special sugar blend. However, when it is huckleberry season, they will even put huckleberries on it. Yummy. These little berries pack […]

Huckleberry Glitter Soap