Lip Balm Filling Trays – Day 2 2

Once we have the tray and the tubes, it is time to load the tubes into the tray.

With the tray facing up, don’t try to load the bottom of the tube first. (photo 1) With the tray facing up, don’t try to load the tubes upside down. (photo 2)

To begin, we need to turn the tray upside down. (photo 3) Don’t try to load bottoms of the tubes into the turned upside down tray. (photo 4) Fill a tray with the cap side of the tube being pushed into the back of the tray. (photo 5)

A little pressure might be needed to continue filling the tray with empty tubes. (photo 6)

Push each tube into the tray until the collar of the tube meets the bottom of the tray. If the tubes are not seated completely, they will leak during filling. (photos 7 & 8.)

Fill the entire tray with tubes. (photo 9) Do not attempt to use the tray with fewer tubes and openings. Once all the openings are filled, turn the tray right side up. (photo 10)

We are now ready for tomorrow. If you need further assistance, send us a message. If you’re not sure that you can see all the details in each photo, click the photo to enlarge. If you have a tray and tubes, go ahead and prepare the tray for making lip balm. We’ll be doing that tomorrow. See you then!


Photo 1.

Photo 2.

Photo 3.

Photo 5.

Photo 7.

Photo 9.

Photo 4.

Photo 6.

Photo 8.

Photo 10.

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