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Recently we have been asked “How do I open my pail of … ?” Most of the time these pails are the small 1 gallon pails containing 5 lbs of fixed oils or other additives. Today, we will show you how to open these pails. I asked Taylor to help […]

Opening Pails

Next Monday is July 5th and also Independence Day Observed for the United States! We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and if you need to travel, please travel safely. Enjoy your day and we will see you on Tuesday! All orders placed after 8:00 A.M. Mountain Time on […]

July 4th at MMS

Over the weekend, I spent some time digging holes and planting some plants in the beds on the north side of our building. This took some time and LOTS of energy, but I’m excited to say I’m finished planting all of these plants! Now, you may be wondering what was […]

Home Sweet … Sage?

Today when I came into work, the smell of paint was fresh in the air. Our painter had been in last night painting the walls. I had to take this comparison picture of both the new and old paint so you can see our beautiful walls. What do you think […]

New Paint!

Terry sent us a fabulous Strawberries & Cream Soap Recipe. I am very fond of fruity scents, all right they are my weakness. This is right up my alley. I have been asking the construction workers how soon Andee and I get a Blog Kitchen just so I can try […]

Strawberries & Cream Soap

Jacob in Eclipse 4
I am thrilled to announce that we have just released a new fragrance. We have just added Jacob to our Twilight Collection! Even if you are not a Twilight fan this is a fabulous masculine scent. Jacob is a blend of evergreen woods, moss, patchouly and sensual musk. This is […]

Twilight News!

Summer is here and so is the season for flip flops and sandals. Unfortunately, summer and the associated foot wear can be harsh on our feet. So, I propose a foot scrub challenge. We all need fabulous feet and there are many ways to get them. Send in your favorite foot […]

Summer Foot Scrub Challenge!