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If you are familiar with Twitter, I have exciting news for you! We now have a Twitter account and we will be using it to release new product notices, discontinued products and special offers. Here is the direct link to our Twitter account. Enjoy!

MMS is now on Twitter!

We are now approaching the end of July and I’ve been spending my time out in the garden, but my biggest difficulty after weeding is trying to scrub dirt out of the my knuckles. Unfortunately, this scrubbing doesn’t only occur after weeding, but after any dirty chores. I realized I […]

Grease Monkey Hand Scrub

Today, I’m going to show you the Yellow Lip Balm Color in Melt & Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap. Melt & Pour Soap Notes: I melted some Transparent Melt & Pour soap in a large glass beaker and then added about 8 drops from the Professional size of the […]

Testing Colors, Part 3

Yesterday, I showed you the Blue Lip Balm Color in Cold Process Soap and Melt & Pour Soap. I thought that I would continue the color testing of the Oil Soluble Lip Balm Colors until all of the colors have been tested. Today, I’m going to show you the Coral […]

Testing Colors, Part 2

Last week, I showed my tests of the Ruby Lip Balm Color in Melt & Pour Soap as well as Cold Process Soap. After my test was over, I started to wonder what using some of the other colors would turn out to look like. Today, I’ll show you how […]

Testing Colors

As I was sitting at my desk, I realized that I haven’t done a drawing for products for some time. I have 6 beautiful butterfly molds that were discontinued. The molds have three cavities and each cavity holds approximately 3.5 ounces. The dimensions are 3.5″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″. I […]

Random Mold Drawing!

Rebatching.  This is sometimes a dirty word.  What is it and why do people do it? Rebatching is sometimes confused with milling, or French milling. Rebatching is when a batch of soap is melted and additional items are added or a failed batch is reworked. Rebatching is done to make […]


In my quest to find a red color for Melt & Pour and cold process soap, I thought I would test the Lip Balm Colors, Oil Soluble to see if the Ruby Lip Balm Color would work. Imagine my surprise when both types of soap turned a vibrant orange color. […]

Searching for a Red Color

We have added some more new fragrances and I had to take photos of the test soaps for you! Green Mango Fragrance Oil and Pluot Fragrance Oil are both fantastic! I will send out all of these soaps for you to enjoy and I will make sure that each soap […]

More New Fragrances!