How to use the Original Lye Calculator 7

A sample recipe from our Lye Calculator. Click for a larger image.

A sample recipe from our Lye Calculator. Click for a larger image.

Did you know the Lye Calculator has been in operation since 1996? Many soap makers have used the Lye Calculator for their recipes and even for checking recipes they were given by fellow soap makers. However, those who are new to making soap want to be able to use the Lye Calculator easily.

Several years ago, a tutorial was created for the Lye Calculator and it includes information about all the fields and buttons for entering a recipe. This tutorial is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about our Lye Calculator.

Along with this tutorial we also released “How to Read the Lye Calculator Printout” and “Understanding Specific Gravity“. These were written to help all soap makers understand how the Lye Calculator works and use this tool to their greater advantage.

Have fun making soap!

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Director of Happiness. I'm a thirty-something soap snob. I've grown up with handmade soaps, and I love them! I really like making lotions, soaps, and perfumes. I adore mixing scents to come up with something new. My favorite scent is either Wicked or Cotton Candy. I tend to hoard fragrances, I even have an Earl Grey Tea from the MMS catalog. I won't tell you how old it is, but it sure is good!

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7 thoughts on “How to use the Original Lye Calculator

  • jaspersgarden

    Hi Andee!
    I have used your calculator for over 10 years now! I’ve tried others ~ but I always come back to my true and tested calculator at MMS. I have never had a bad batch using your calc!

    One question ~ why is it when I print out my recipe, the colored parts do not show up? (Pink, Green & Blue) Same with your “Measurement” calc – no color shows up…?? I’ve always wondered why – could be my printer too – who knows?!!

    Thanks Andee!

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    • Andee Post author

      This is a browser settings issue. The colors are background colors and will not print unless you set the background colors to print. For Firefox users, this can be found in the File Menu under Page Setup. It is a box that needs to be checked. Once you change your browser to print the background colors and images, the colors will print.

      I hope this helps!

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  • Marina Crosby

    I mixed up Potassium with Sodium so my soap has not traced. Is there a way for me to now add Sodium Hydroxide and still het a hard soap? How do I calculate how much? Please help. Thanks! Marina.

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    • Tina


      You will get a soft, paste type soap. You can use our Lye Calculator and enter the oils you used. Then try making a paste soap with both sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Your mistake may mean a new product!


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