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This is one of the questions I hear answered by our Technical Support Department while helping soap makers when they call wanting help. I thought that I could share some pictures previous soap batches I’ve made and show what you are looking for as indicators of the trace. First things […]

What is Trace?

Last week I shared my experiences at the local Gardener’s Market as well as my thoughts that officially felt like growing season now. I’ve been pulling weeds out of the garden and arguing with chickens over the spots they can dig. Not that the chickens argue back, they just tilt […]

Gardener’s Hand Therapy

Yesterday, I made a Sparkling Body Butter, but what about those out there that want a light summer lotion, but tell me, “Please! Forget the glitter!” I searched our recipe archives and found a great lotion. Sun-Flower Power is a light lotion that will give you a great summer lotion […]

Sun-Flower Power Light Lotion

I’m sure most people know someone that loves glitter. Today I’ll be making the Sparkling Body Butter found in our recipes section. This lotion is for those glitter fanatics in your life (or the Twilight fanatics). Just make sure that the lotion doesn’t end up right next to the lotion […]

Sparkling Body Butter

We have been getting the MAKE magazine at our house since the first issue. I have a stack of all 17 issues at home and the new 18th issue is here at work sitting on my desk. This magazine is a great magazine for all variations of techie geeks and […]

Food Soap Show & Tell

Yesterday, I told you that I would show you how to color a Blooming Bath Oil. I was wondering how could you explain to people that the bath oil needed to be shaken before using in a bath? That question got me wondering if I could color the bath oil. […]

Coloring Blooming Bath Oils