Coloring Blooming Bath Oils 2

Comparison of a shaken bottle and a bottle that has sat for a while.

Comparison of a shaken bottle and a bottle that has sat for a while.

Yesterday, I told you that I would show you how to color a Blooming Bath Oil. I was wondering how could you explain to people that the bath oil needed to be shaken before using in a bath? That question got me wondering if I could color the bath oil.

Naturally, the first part of the solving a question like this is the very important testing. I needed to test different colors to see how they worked. I thought that since this is mostly oil, an Oil Soluble Color would be my best bet. However, when I tried my theory out in real life, it didn’t work! I had floating balls of color instead of a consistent color. I decided to try a different avenue of coloring the bath oil. This time I tried the bottles of color that I made on January 12, 2009. This time my attempt worked! I was so excited that I was dancing around the office like I was on a sugar high. Everyone here calls it my Hammy the squirrel impression.

Collect needed items:
Polysorbate 20 (You can use Polysorbate 80 if you desire)
Sesame Oil
Fragrance or Essential Oil of your choice (I’m going to use Rose Fragrance Oil)
Purple Raspberry Dropper Bottle from January 12, 2009
Beaker or other container for mixing (optional)
Containers for finished product (I used the 2 oz Clear PET Oval Bottle, Size 20 and 20 mm Black Non Dispensing Caps)

1 ounce of Polysorbate 20
4 ounces of Sesame Oil
.06 ounces Rose Fragrance Oil
12 drops of Purple Raspberry Color

Weigh all ingredients into mixing container, or if you wish, you can weigh directly into a bottle of your choice. Stir ingredients together if you measured into a mixing container or you can cap and shake the bottle if you filled a bottle.

You now have a colored Blooming Bath Oil! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Coloring Blooming Bath Oils

  • bgmorse

    Andee, that’s a beautiful bath oil! But I have a couple questions. What is it that makes it “blooming” instead of just bath oil? Also, is the Polysorbate 20 tel help the FO mix with the oil?

    Bonnie in OR

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