Another Clay Facial Mask 6

Yesterday we made a clay face mask with oils, but if you have extremely oily skin, that mask won’t work well for you. Today I’m going to show you a clay face mask without oils. This mask is definitely more fluid than yesterday’s mask, easier to apply and cool on the skin.

Collect needed items:
Liquid Germall Plus
Hydrosol of your choice (I’m using Rose Hydrosol)
Fragrance or Essential Oil of your choice (optional, I’m using Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil)
Clay of your choice (I’m using French Green Clay)
Transfer Pipette
Mixing Bowl
Containers for finished product

35 grams of Water
5 grams of Hydrovance
0.5 gram of Liquid Germall Plus
10 grams of Rose Hydrosol
5 – 10 drops of Essential Oil if desired
49.5 grams of French Green Clay

Weigh liquid items into mixing bowl and stir briefly. Weigh clay either directly into liquids or into separate bowl to be added to liquids. Stir. At first the mixture will look like pancake or waffle batter with all the bubbles. Don’t worry! Walk away from the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. If you keep wanting to check the mixture, then do something else like roll the laundry, run a load of dishes, check your e-mail, walk out to the mailbox, dance a crazy person around the house, etc. 🙂

Now come back to check and stir your mixture. There aren’t many lumps or bubbles as there were before. Clay needs time to absorb all of the water. Just ask any good mud pie maker about giving clay the necessary time to absorb water.

The mask is smooth and ready to put in jars.

Wait a minute! Yesterday I forgot to share how to fill the jars. Simply fill a disposable plastic pastry bag or a zipper-style storage bag with the mixture. Cut off the end of the bag and squeeze the bag to fill the containers. Warning, this method will need strong hands. You can use a rubber scraper on the outside of the bag to scape everything last bit out.

You can use various essential oils or hydrosols for different users. For example, you can make a mask with Tea Tree Essential Oil and Peppermint Hydrosol for acne prone skin and you could also make a mask with Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil and Rose Hydrosol for mature skin. You can make any blend you can think of. If you don’t want to use a hydrosol, then you can simply replace the hydrosol with water.

Next week is all about making the home air smell good. We are going to make room sprays and linen sprays! Don’t forget about the Monster Away Sprays for Kids!

Collect needed items.

Collect needed items.

Add French Green Clay to liquids.

Add French Green Clay to liquids.

Mix all ingredients.

Mix all ingredients.

Clumpy mixture.

Clumpy mixture.

Smooth face mask now.

Smooth face mask.

Filling the containers with face mask.

Filling the containers with face mask.

Filled jars.

Filled jars.

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6 thoughts on “Another Clay Facial Mask

    • Andee Post author

      This is not a dumb question. I like to think of the process as a four step process.
      1) Rinse face with warm water.
      2) Rub a thin layer of mask onto your face.
      3) Allow mask to dry on your face.
      4) Once the mask is dry, wash face with a warm wash rag.

      Face masks are great for helping remove dirt and oils from the skin. You can make a mask that is directed at different types of skin. For example, a mask with Tea Tree Essential Oil is great for teens and others that have skin prone to acne, while the same face mask won’t do wonders for mature skin. I’d use Rose Hydrosol for mature skin.

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  • kathyjane

    Thank You so much!
    I think I’ll copy those directions on my mask containers verbatim. If that’s ok?

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  • Andee Post author

    The percentages for this recipe are as follows.

    35 % Water
    5 % Hydrovance
    0.5 % Liquid Germall Plus
    10 % Rose Hydrosol
    0.1 % Essential Oil if desired
    49.4 % French Green Clay

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  • Becky Vigon

    I have made this using Thayers Rose Witch hazel instead of hydrosol and it’s delightful! Thank you for suggesting the preservative…so many folks forget.

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