We just got in a new fragrance this week, and I have to admit that I’ve fallen in love with this sweet scent. I know that I like many different fragrance oils, and I’m always raving about some fragrance or another, but Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil punches that happy nostalgia […]

Fun & Easy Bath Bombs with the New Cherry Taffy ...

We’re back to see how the soap turned out using our Water Soluble Colors. I shredded all three colors of soap, then I stirred them into a batch of white soap so any bleeding of the colors would be obvious. The colors did change from the wet soap to the […]

Water Soluble Colors in CP Soap – The Results

Here’s a fun little project you can do along with me. Today we’re going to take our Water Soluble Colors and use them in cold process soap. Will they hold? Will they morph? Will they bleed? We will answer these questions! First thing to do is make a batch of […]

Water Soluble Colors in CP Soap

Sealing disks are used to keep the product out of the cap when you package lotion or cream in a jar. The disks also present a professional appearance to a product, and slow down leakage possibilities. They are not necessary, but many makers prefer to use them. We want your […]

Sealing Disks – Yea or Nay?

There are so many great techniques to try when soaping. In-the-pot swirls are among my favorite. They are easy and forgiving, and the results are so satisfying. I’ve been watching lots of videos and admiring the different bars created with this technique, and now I’m ready to make some for […]

Fun With In-The-Pot Swirls

Today’s recipe is for a lotion that is so soft, creamy, and sweet smelling it’s like rubbing frosting on your face. I know that sounds kind of weird, but due to the vanilla note, that is what this lotion makes me think of! This lotion was designed for someone with […]

A Must-Try Delectable Face Frosting!

White Tea & Sage is one of our newest fragrance oils, and Sunflower Body Milk Base is one of our newest moisturizers. Sounds like a great match to me! Today I’m going to add some of the lovely scent of White Tea & Sage to this lightweight sunshine in a […]

Two Great Products Come Together To Inspire a Spa Experience

Yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to try Cetyl Alcohol by itself as an emulsifier for this Hemp Seed Oil lotion. As I feared, Cetyl Alcohol alone was not strong enough. No matter how much I blended, it just kept separating. This was not unexpected. I didn’t change […]

Fun With Cetyl Alcohol Emulsifier

Sometimes it’s fun to put the spotlight on a single oil in a lotion. Every oil has unique benefits, and Hemp Seed Oil is no exception. Using it at a higher rate in a single-oil lotion lets those benefits shine through. Our Hemp Seed Oil is organic and is expeller […]

Hemp Shines In Single-Oil Lotion

Want to make soap but don’t want to come up with a recipe and weigh out each ingredient? We’ve got a solution for you – our Basic Bar Soap Oil Kit! All you need to do is melt the oil kit, mix with a Sodium Hydroxide solution, add any desired […]

Get Creative With Our Basic Bar Soap Oil Kit

Today I used the infused olive oil to make soap. Because there were only four ounces of each infused oil, and I did not want to make four separate soaps, I decided to do a layered soap with pencil lines separating each layer. At first, I considered making Castile soap, […]

Layered Soap Using Natural Colorants

There are many ways to color soap. Today I’m going to infuse olive oil with herbs and spices, and I will use the resulting infused oils to make soap. The colors will not be super saturated as we see when using oxides, ultramarines, or micas. They are more subtle and […]

Make Infused Oils To Create Gentle Colors In Soap