Today I’m making a body scrub featuring Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil. It’s one of those fragrances that makes you wonder. I’m so glad our catalog has great descriptions of scents! I can grab a bottle and take a sniff, but it’s fun to read the description first and see if […]

Pixie Dust Body Scrub

Finished everyday facial lotion with bottles of oil.
When I ran out of my usual facial moisturizer, I decided it was the perfect time to make my own. I studied the label of the moisturizer I’d been using, I perused blogs, and I narrowed down my list of possible ingredients. Then I went to our Technical Support staff […]

Everyday Facial Lotion

Finished bars of Pumpkin Spice Soap.
It’s right around the corner – pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! That distinctive blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cloves flavors everything from lattes to muffins. The scent shows up in candles, potpourri, and even homemade playdough! Today I’m going to put it in some soap. Make your bars ASAP so […]

Pumpkin Spice Soap

Finished and labeled lotion bars. 2
I love lotion bars for several reasons. One of my top reasons is that I can easily pop a lotion bar into my luggage and fly anywhere without needing to put it in my liquids bag! Anything to limit my interactions with TSA is always good in my book. (TSA […]

Simply Soothing Lotion Bar Stick

When I was making the Grandma’s Christmas Mints soap, I couldn’t stop inhaling the delectable combination of Peppermint Essential Oil and Freckles Fragrance Oil. It was sharply minty, yet vanilla sweet, and so pleasant to smell! What better to do than make lotion with this scent? I did a little […]

Christmas in July: Grandma’s Christmas Mints Lotion

Old-fashioned candy is a favorite in our house at Christmas. I am intrigued by the delicate ribbons, colorful stripes, and decorative centers. Since we are thinking of Christmas projects, making soap that looks like Christmas mints seems natural. I will use our Round Ripple Silicone Mold, which makes disc-shaped soaps […]

Christmas in July: Grandma’s Christmas Mints Soap

I love it when I try something unexpected, and it works out beautifully! Today, my task was to combine our newest fragrance oil with our latest lotion base. I was a little taken aback, though, when I realized that Cinnamon Red Hots is the newest fragrance. Hmmm. I wouldn’t have […]

Using Cinnamon Red Hots Fragrance in Lotion?

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything related to fragrance blending and I’ll admit that I haven’t made time to play around with the fragrances in our blog kitchen! I’m embarrassed to admit that I recently ran out of body cream and I was in desperate need for a […]

Fragrance Friday: An Adventure in Blending

Are you looking for simple and fun group projects? We have you covered! What do summer camps, sleepovers, family reunions, and retreats have in common? They are all times when a little creativity is a lot of fun. Our bases and kits make it easy to get creative without overloading […]

Easy Project Ideas for Groups

I can’t believe Christmas is 160 days away! A well-meaning soul pointed that out to me recently, so I am here to share the panic. Er, joy. Of course, I meant joy. What does your Christmas planning look like? Are you a list-maker, or do you fly by the seat […]

Planning for Christmas in July

Our new Tangerine Lip Solutions.
It’s Tuesday, and I have a treat for you! One of our newest products is Tangerine Lip Solutions, and I have to admit that I fell in love with this delicious Lip Solutions when it was being formulated. Here are 5 reasons why I love our newest Lip Solutions and […]

5 Reasons Why I Love Tangerine Lip Solutions!

I had a recent cooking experiment at home that needed part of a bottle of red wine.  While I was cooking, I thought that it would be fun to turn the leftover wine into soap. As you can imagine, I got a little razzing when I showed up at work […]

Wine Soap: An Adventure and a Half