One day, while visiting a friend, I was browsing through a book about herbs that she had on her table, and I saw a recipe for a facial mask using ground lavender flowers and lavender hydrosol. It sounded interesting, so I jotted down the simple recipe. Today I finally got […]

Treat Your Face With Lavender and Clay

Got chapped lips? Lanolin Lip Solutions will come to the rescue! And when it’s flavored with Cinnamon Essential Oil and Honey Flavor, it’s better than good. Andee asked me to try this, and I was uncertain how a cinnamon and honey lip balm would smell and taste. The combination surprised […]

Honey, Cinnamon, and Lanolin Make Something Special

It strikes me as funny that so many soap inspirations come from food. This one is no different. INSPIRATION I have great memories of getting frozen drinks from a local drive-in when we lived in New Mexico. It was our family’s favorite treat on hot summer days. My husband always […]

How to Turn a Fantastic Summer Memory Into Soap

We just released our new Goat Milk Cream Base formula, so we paired it with our newest fragrance to make you go “WOW!” when you try the samples we are sending out. Currant & Mandarin Fragrance Currant & Mandarin is the fragrance, and it’s a good one. The most prominent […]

New Goat Milk Cream With A Fabulous Fragrance Will Make ...

As the first day of 2020 draws to a close, I’m already anticipating all the cool things that I can see coming down the road this year! I’ve had to laugh as I tell people that this year will be one where my vision will be perfect, but that’s only […]

Focusing on 2020 with Excitement and a New Perspective

Today we’ll reveal the final iteration of the diaper ointment. If you have been following along this week, I hope you’ve learned about how to test and tweak your formulas (whatever they may be) to get the product that you want. Since the increase in Lanolin in yesterday’s formula made […]

This Week We Focus On Creating the Best Diaper Ointment ...

Yesterday’s formula was a huge step closer to the balm I envision, but I still want to make some changes. Today we’ll increase the Lanolin from 5% to 7%. This will make a more viscous mixture. I also want to lighten the color by reducing the Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil to […]

This Week We Focus On Creating the Best Diaper Ointment ...

Today we’ll focus on the color of this ointment, being careful not to use anything that will cause skin irritation. Colorants or dyes are not a good choice here. Fortunately, some great oils can provide nice color as well as properties that add to the product’s efficacy. Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil […]

This Week We Focus On Creating the Best Diaper Ointment ...

Today we will work on refining our formula. After testing yesterday’s formula, it was clear that the too-strong odor and color were objectionable. Also, we want to make the formula a bit thicker. A product with the correct, good-quality ingredients can do all the work, and we don’t want to […]

This Week We Focus On Creating the Best Diaper Ointment ...

As soon as you have a baby, you will immediately find yourself worrying about the condition of his or her bottom. Diapers are marvelous things, but they do end up causing little bums to become irritated. We’re going to work on fixing that in this week-long series outlining the creation […]

This Week We Focus on Creating the Best Diaper Ointment ...

The December Soap Challenge Club’s theme is Black Tie Affair. Soapers must use black and white plus one accent color to create their masterpieces. Majestic Mountain Sage is sponsoring this month’s challenge, and we are very excited to do so! The creativity in the group is inspiring! I’m not entering […]

This Just In: December Soap Challenge Complete

Sponsorship of the December contest in the Soap Challenge Club has the whole Majestic Mountain Sage team excited to see what wonders will be produced. I’m making some soap, but I won’t be entering it in the contest. This is just for fun. CHOOSING A TECHNIQUE I’ve been thinking about […]

Mint Green Inspires a Design for Soap Challenge Club