When the air is dry and the temps are falling, there is nothing better than a dreamy, creamy concoction to pamper your parched skin. Join me in the workroom as I craft a cream to satisfy your moisturizing needs. We’ll begin with Cocoa Butter for a thick base and that […]

Dreamy Chocolate Mint Cream

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of pouring soap into clamshells as both a mold and a package. This afternoon finally was the day. Unscented soap is kind of dull, so I reached into my fragrance oil stash and told myself I’d use the first bottle I grabbed. Rose Garden […]

Rose Garden Soap in Clamshells

When the seasons are changing and winter is in the air, your lips need extra moisturizing care. Say hello to Sunflower Lecithin! This fabulous ingredient acts as an emollient and helps bind water to the skin. It’s a great way to hold moisture on your lips. Let’s go to the […]

Sunflower Lecithin & Honey Lip Balm

After choosing Lumberjack Fragrance Oil to feature, I’ve been sniffing the bottle almost obsessively; it’s that good! From our catalog: “This scent is really nice. The primary notes are of woods, moss, musk, hyacinth with vanilla, and a tiny bit of lavender. I noticed the musk aroma immediately and felt […]

Fragrance Friday: Lumberjack Fragrance Oil

Squalane is a fantastic ingredient that The Sage offers in two forms: Squalane Oil and Squalane Butter. It is a vegetable-derived cousin to a substance called squalene, which is found in the sebum. Because squalane is a bio-identical match to squalene, it’s readily absorbed into the skin. Squalane helps chapped […]

Getting To Know Squalane

Putting together a few ingredients to craft a simple lotion is one of my favorite things to do. I just love how it all comes together! When I’m looking for something new to try, I like to research the different oils and butters to find a combination that will be […]

Crafting A Simple Lotion with Argan and Babassu Oils

All information in this blog post comes from Marie Gale’s excellent book “Soap & Cosmetic Labeling.” What do you call that bar you use at the sink to wash your hands? What about the one in your shower? Is it soap? The answer to that question in the U.S. comes […]

Just What Is Soap, Anyway?

Remember the orange and cream ice cream on a stick treats from your childhood? That is exactly what Dreamsicle smells like! It took me right back to a hot summer day buying treats from the ice cream truck that cruised our neighborhood. From our catalog: “Dreamsicle is an orange cream […]

Fragrance Friday: Dreamsicle Fragrance Oil

Last week I created a formula for a body butter with some Isopropyl Myristate to help alleviate the greasiness of an anhydrous formula. While it turned out to be nice on the hands, it was way too greasy for my taste. I decided I had two problems to address: First, […]

Anhydrous Body Butter with Isopropyl Myristate Revised

What is the difference between a butter and a cream? Put very simply, it’s the addition of water to the formula. It’s actually a bit more complicated than adding water, because once you add water, you must use an emulsifier and preservative. It’s also nice, but not absolutely necessary, to […]

Body Butter or Body Cream

Ahhh, Bella, how beautiful you are! Bella Fragrance Oil is from our series of fragrance oils based on the Twilight book series. It is a romantic floral garden type of fragrance. Here’s what our catalog says about this enticing aroma: “Bella is a fresh yet sensual fragrance. Smelling this fragrance […]

Fragrance Friday: Bella Fragrance Oil

Isopropyl Myristate (IPM) is an ester of isopropyl alcohol and myristic acid (a fatty acid that naturally occurs in coconut and palm oils). It is a lightweight emollient commonly used to make formulations feel less greasy. When do you want to use Isopropyl Myristate? Any time you want something to feel lighter and […]

Anhydrous Body Butter with Isopropyl Myristate