Yesterday we learned about Emu Oil and its fatty acid profile. Today I’m going to craft a lotion recipe featuring this oil. Naturally, I’ll start with Emu Oil. The properties it will bring to the lotion are moisturizing and restoring the skin’s barrier function. It also will help with preventing […]

Emu Oil Lotion

Emu are flightless birds native to Australia. We get Emu Oil from the bird’s body fat. In that respect, it is similar to tallow and lard. But it has a very different appeal to cosmetics makers. While tallow and lard are used predominantly in soap making, Emu Oil is widely […]

Single Ingredient Spotlight: Emu Oil

Adding extracts to lotions is a great way to boost performance and label appeal. Today I’m making a simple lotion featuring a trio of my favorite extracts. I chose Chamomile Extract because it’s so wonderful for dry skin that could use a bit of soothing. (That pretty much defines my […]

Three Extracts Lotion – er, Cream

The Lip Balm Tubes will be back right after Thanksgiving! I’m excited to tell you that the Lip Balm Tubes are finally at a point in transit where we know they will be in our facility by Friday, November 25th. Since we weren’t expecting these tubes to arrive before December […]

Time To Celebrate! Pre-order Lip Balm Tubes To Get Yours ...

Discover the ancient art of Feng Shui with this harmonious blend of bamboo and cedar entwined with lemon, tangerine, and ginger. Exotic, cooling, and refreshing. The men on staff loved this one, and the women took home samples for their honeys. I particularly love how Elements of Bamboo performs in […]

Fragrance Friday: Elements of Bamboo

We’re about to release two new fragrances, but first they need to be named. That’s where YOU come in! Help us name the fragrances by voting. Click this link to vote. Our first fragrance is a fruity one, inspired by orchard harvests and the idea of melding traditions with modern […]

Help Us Name Two New Fragrances! Time to Vote!

I’ve been playing with Wheat Germ Oil in different formulations. I’ve made a salve for rough hands and some soap featuring Wheat Germ Oil. Have you read about wheat germ? With the content of beta carotene and Vitamin E, this oil is great for soaps, lotions, and other skincare products. […]

Lip Balm with Wheat Germ Oil

There’s something so delicious about a good coconut fragrance, and our Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil does not disappoint. We have some big coconut fans on staff, and they go nuts over anything coconut. This fragrance is worth all the hoopla. The sweet scent of fresh coconut has accent notes of […]

Fragrance Friday: Coconut Cream

My husband works outdoors all day, and his hands get very rough, especially in winter. In an effort to help him with that problem, I crafted this balm. Beeswax and Cocoa Butter form the brittle part of this balm, but not too much. I want this balm to soak into […]

Balm for Rough Hands

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word massage? For me, it’s relaxation. Today I’m setting out to create a massage cream that will promote relaxation, both in the way it feels and with a little essential oil aromatherapy. Aloe Butter and Shea Butter are both […]

Relaxing Massage Cream

Our Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil is a trip down Memory Lane! Do you know those candy stores with a taffy pulling machine in the window? The ones where you walk through the door into a shop filled with captivating aromas? Fill your shopping basket with taffy, rock candy, gum, lollipops, […]

Fragrance Friday: Cherry Taffy

Wheat Germ Oil is a marvelous oil for skin care. I’ve trotted it out in lotion, salve, and lip balm. Those products have all turned out quite nicely, so I decided to give Wheat Germ Oil a go in a soap. It’ll be a few weeks before I can test […]

Wheat Germ Oil Soap