I played with fragrance blending several months back, and the blend I most loved was The Meadow Fragrance Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. Andee teaches a class on fragrance blending, and in the class, she shows photos to inspire fragrance blends based on the image. At the right is one […]

Fragrance Blending Friday: Lavender Meadow Soap

I am excited to mix up a batch of soap using Hibiscus Passion Fragrance Oil. The scent is lightly fruity, a bit floral, and has a lovely undertone of musk that gives it surprising depth. It’s intriguing, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out in soap. I’ll […]

Hibiscus Passion Tiger Stripe Soap

Fruity and woodsy. Sweetness and comfort. Berries and earth. What could I be describing? Berries and Twigs Fragrance, of course! This one has been a favorite of mine forever. It was one of the first scents I ordered from MMS, and I quickly ordered a larger bottle, so I had […]

An Easy Recipe for a Luxurious Lotion with Aloe

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Even though it is a bit south of the area in the Pacific Northwest that inspired Forks Fragrance Oil (a town in Washington named Forks, which was the setting of Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight book series), many of the scents are […]

Forks Fragrance Room Spray

I have a friend who has many allergies, so she uses olive oil-based lotions. I was curious about a lotion that used only olive oil, so I decided to come up with a recipe and make some. We also are spotlighting some fragrance oils, so I am using Strawberries and […]

Strawberries and Champagne Olive Oil Lotion

Last week, I took a Technical Support phone call from a gal who wanted to know how much color she needed to use to get a lipstick instead of a lip balm or a lip tint. She said, “You always mention Q.S. on your blog for lip tints like the […]

How Much Color? Making Lipstick with Oil Soluble Lip Colors

One of the biggest challenges in keeping goats safe is keeping predators away. These range from neighborhood dogs to bears, and unless you can be with your herd constantly, a livestock guardian dog is a very good investment. We have four of them. They live full time with the goats […]

Goat Week Day 5: Health and Safety

Mammals only make milk after giving birth, so to get milk, you first have to make some babies. That means male goats must be involved. Goat gestation is about 150 days, or roughly 5 months. We like to plan for April and May births, because the outdoor temperature has moderated […]

Goat Week Day 4: How to Get the Milk

When the babies start showing up, so does the milk. At first, almost all the milk goes to the babies. The babies that stay with their mothers get all the milk their mothers produce for the first 2-3 weeks at least. I still bring the mothers in during milking time […]

Goat Week Day 3: So Much Milk!

I have not seen very many baby animals that weren’t cute, but goats are right up there with puppies and kittens. As I write, I’m watching over two newborn doelings in a tote in the house. These little girls were born out in the summer pasture, where their mother secreted […]

Goat Week Day 2: Baby Goats Are So Cute!

This next series of posts will be a bit out of the ordinary. I’m going to take you on a journey into my goat world. It all started around 20 years ago when I met a lady named Laura, who made goat milk soap. I began buying soap from her, […]

Goat Week: How It All Began

Today I’m making a body scrub featuring Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil. It’s one of those fragrances that makes you wonder. I’m so glad our catalog has great descriptions of scents! I can grab a bottle and take a sniff, but it’s fun to read the description first and see if […]

Pixie Dust Body Scrub