The skin on your body that’s exposed most often – think hands, arms, face, and neck – is most prone to showing signs of aging. This can be due to trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) causing dry skin. It’s also due to sun damage. What’s a girl to do? There are […]

Borage Oil Anti-Aging Lotion

Borage Oil is a wonderful emmolient, and today we’ll use it to make a salve. Our Borage Oil is organic and is cold-pressed. It’s also full of GLA! GLA is short for gamma-linolenic acid, and GLA fatty acid is a special member of the omega-6 fatty acid family. It helps […]

Borage Oil Salve

I recently scented a lotion with Lavender & Lemon Fragrance Oil, and I knew immediately I wanted to feature it on a Fragrance Friday. This is a very fresh and invigorating scent! When lavender and lemon are paired together, you get an elegant scent that is happy and calm. We […]

Fragrance Friday: Lavender & Lemon

The first thing I want to make with Cranberry Seed Oil is a skin cream. I like the idea of taking this liquid oil and thickening it with a combination of Stearic Acid and Conditioning Emulsifier. My expectation is that this will be a cream on the thinner side, but […]

Cranberry Seed Oil Cream

Cranberry seed oil is a unique vegetable oil since it contains a 1:1 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 are critical to the body to help improve cardiovascular function, increase circulation, and strengthen the immune system. Essential fatty acids can not be […]

Single Ingredient Focus: Cranberry Seed Oil

In honor of Twilight, the Stephanie Meyers books, we have made some fragrances that represent her book characters. In the books, Edward is described as honey, lilacs, and sunshine. Our Edward-inspired fragrance is fresh, clean, and sexy. We round out Stephanie Meyers’ description by adding a bit of vanilla, heliotrope, […]

Fragrance Friday: Edward

Yesterday I made a cleansing balm that included Liquid Silk. I didn’t realize until I mixed the ingredients together that Liquid Silk is a water-based ingredient and would not combine with the oils in the balm without an emulsifier of some sort. What to do? Come up with an emulsifier […]

Fixing Yesterday’s Emulsification Problem

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about oil cleansing. I had intended to make a cleansing balm at that time, but it never happened. Let’s make it today! Cleansing balm is an oil cleanser that has more hard oils, so it is not liquid. It is more the consistency […]

Oil Cleansing Balm and a Surprise

Imagine the aroma of basil combined with fresh citrus. It’s a little bit of herb, a little bit of tang, a little bit of sweet all wrapped up in a citrus punch! Citrus & Basil is a very clean, crisp scent. It reminds me a little bit of culinary herbs, […]

Fragrance Friday: Citrus & Basil

Seems like every soap maker has a triple butter soap in their repertoire, and I’m no exception. Triple butter soaps are popular because they have the benefits of three sumptuous butters and have great label appeal! What butters to use? Shea Butter is an obvious choice. It’s a staple in […]

Triple Butter Soap

I’m super excited to combine our awesome Tangerine Butter with our Milk Protein to make a luscious lotion fit for a queen! The scent of the Tangerine Butter is just dreamy – so sweet and citrusy! I’ll add just a little bit of Tangerine Essential Oil to boost the fragrance. […]

Tangerine Milk Lotion

Do you use silicone oils in your creations? Here are some great reasons to do so! We offer both Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone for your formulations. Both oils can enhance spreadability of your lotions and creams, and both help lock in the goodness that is naturally in the oils and butters […]

Silicone oils: Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone