We are very excited to be the sponsor of Soap Challenge Club’s December Contest! Don’t miss out! You can register here through December 2. The challenge this month is a theme called Black Tie Affair, and the soap must be black and white with just one accent color. Whether you’re […]

Don’t Miss December’s Soap Challenge Club Contest

I think I’m in love! Citrus and spice is a fantastic flavor combination, and look what we just did – we mixed up the flavors of cinnamon, cloves, tangerine, gave it a bit of sweetness, then we poured it into a lip balm tube! Introducing Spiced Tangerine Lip Balm! This […]

Make This Luxurious Spiced Tangerine Lip Balm In A Snap!

Figuring out what kind of soap to make with a particular fragrance is sometimes simple, and other times, challenging. When I wanted to feature Cucumbers & Melons Fragrance Oil, I turned to the colors of the real deal to make a fresh and pretty soap. I like to match the […]

Want a Fresh Scent? Try Cucumbers & Melons!

Who else loves to read fragrance descriptions? Who else wishes they could smell every one of them? Raise your hand with me! 🙂 It’s my pleasure to inform you that we’re happy to send fragrance samples with your order, because sometimes you just have to smell it yourself. It’s very […]

Anyone Else Love To Smell Enticing Fragrances?

Are you a tricker or a treater? I live so far off the beaten path that we don’t see any trick-or-treaters. However, you can be sure the streets in more populated areas will be swarming with little goblins and princesses. I have seen many friends putting together the coolest transformer […]

Happy Halloween!

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Operations Hiccup – October 18, 2019

To soap makers around the world, Amy Warden is a household name thanks to her Soap Challenge Club. She kicked off the club in 2012 with the peacock swirl technique, and thousands of bars later, soapers line up each month to learn, create, and grow in their art. “There are […]

Interview with Amy Warden of Soap Challenge Club

Would you like to learn new soaping techniques?Join a group of creative minds? Compete to win great prizes? Then the Soap Challenge Club is for you! Every month, the Soap Challenge Club offers a different technique or tutorial to help soapers expand their skills and have a great time doing […]

Gain amazing skills with Soap Challenge Club

When fall rolls around, there’s a certain staff member who gets really excited for October. Inevitably, Wicked Fragrance Oil gets mentioned. Wicked Fragrance is a blend of scents that are musky, sweet, citrusy, and sensual. One reviewer said it smells like their local tattoo parlor! It is warm, intriguing, and […]

Wicked Is the Perfect Fragrance for Intrigue

Ok. I’ve been holding off on the fun Halloween projects, but I can’t wait any longer! I saw spider loofas when I was surfing the internet one day, but I couldn’t find any instructions or a credible source. Grab the kids, and let’s have some fun! So here are my […]

Surprising and Fun Spider Loofas in Under 5 Minutes

Ever wondered how to boost citrus scents in soap? Try using citrus zest! It’s hard not to love fresh, uplifting citrus scents, but they can be a challenge to hold in cold process soap. Fresh zest helps lock in that elusive scent. Another option is to anchor citrus with base […]

How To Give Your Soap an Ultimate Citrus Boost

I bet you expected “ice cream,” right? We have something else for you to scream about – Osmanthus Fragrance Oil. This scent is a favorite with just about everyone who gets a whiff. It comes from the flower of a plant in the olive and lilac family. Common names include […]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Osmanthus!