Finished jars of hand cream for favors.
Welcome back! Yesterday I showed you some super easy lip balm wedding favors. Today we are going to make wedding favor lotions! Lotions are pretty easy to make, but when you are crunching for time and sanity, using our lotion bases makes the process stress-free. Similar to yesterday’s blog, we […]

K.I.S.S. Wedding Favors – Our Favorite Hand Cream

Easy favors for the happy couple.
Hello adventurous makers! Today I want to show you how to make some super easy wedding favors. We are going to start by making some lip balms. You may be wondering what “K.I.S.S.” stands for. It means Keep It Simple Sam. We want to make these favors as simple as […]

K.I.S.S. Wedding Favors – Lip Balms Galore

When I laid my eyes on Tangerine Butter for the first time, I was entranced by the lively color. Then when I opened the jar, and the intense citrus odor wafted out, I was hooked. I inhaled deeply, closed my eyes, and dreamed of what I would create. Before I […]

Tangerine & Vanilla Lip Scrub

We have another exciting new product for our Adventurous Makers! Introducing Organic Baobab Butter. What is baobab? (I’m glad you asked because I was wondering the same thing!) It is a tree found in Africa with enormously wide trunks and bearing large, teardrop-shaped fruits. Baobab trees live for hundreds of […]

Lovely Baobab Body Butter

I was looking at lotion labels the other day, and I noticed that all of my favorite lotions contain dimethicone. I wondered how much this ingredient impacted my preference for those lotions. Come along while I try an experiment as I’ll make two lotions using a simple recipe. One lotion […]

What Does Dimethicone Change in a Lotion?

If you find a recipe you’d like to try, but the measurements are in volume, here is how to convert the volume measurements to weight. Measure each ingredient by volume 10 times. Weigh each time, then take an average of the weights. Repeat for each ingredient. I found this lotion […]

Recipe Troubleshooting: How To Convert Volume To Weight

A professional baker friend once told me the way to make the best baked goods is to always weigh ingredients; measuring by volume is not reliable. That is true in making soap and cosmetics as well. I’ve seen many recipes that give volume measurements rather than weight. The difficulty is […]

Recipe Troubleshooting: Volume versus Weight

Turmeric is a delicious spice and is noted for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can get the same boost using turmeric externally as well, and we have the perfect new product: Turmeric Butter! We love this new butter with Turmeric Extract in a skin-loving base of Shea Butter, Palm Butter, Coconut […]

Turmeric Butter Lotion Bars

We are so pleased to introduce our newest skin-loving Handcrafted Shea Butter. This handcrafted butter is very special, and we are proud to offer it to our Adventurous Makers. In Ghana, thousands of women in small communities are supporting themselves and their families by producing this remarkable shea butter. It […]

A Wonderful New Shea Butter

World Bartender Day was February 24, and I’m celebrating with a body lotion recipe inspired by the Mimosa cocktail. Equal parts champagne and citrus juice (usually orange juice), this tasty beverage is a staple at many Sunday brunch tables. The combination of sparkling wine and juice originated centuries ago in […]

Mimosa Lotion for World Bartender Day

Finished tubes of my dual color Mocha Cream Lip Balm!
I was given a task: make lip balm with coffee butter. I love coffee, so this task gave me great joy! I went to our past blog posts to find a few lip balm recipes and see what inspired me. When I ran across this blog Andee wrote in 2016, I got […]

Mocha Cream Lip Balm

I recently had a pretty embarrassing goof, and I’ll share it with you all in the spirit of hoping no one else makes a similar blunder. Grab your favorite drink and read along, but I’ll warn you that you may want to hold off on that big gulp until you […]

A Story About A Scale Calibration Goof & How To ...