Yesterday I tried crafting an oil free lotion. I browsed our catalog and found all the ingredients that could qualify as oil free and created a formula. Unfortunately, I overdid it on the emulsifying ingredients, so the mixture failed to properly emulsify. Today I’m backing off the emulsifying ingredients and […]

Oil Free Lotion, Take 2

I had no idea oil-free lotion was even a thing, but after doing a bit of research, I see that not only is it a thing, oil-free lotion is very popular. How can a lotion be oil-free? Basically, the term refers to lotion that does not have any vegetable or […]

Oil-Free Lotion; Better Luck Next Time

Champagne Sugar is one of my most favorite scents. I’ve used it for years in cold process soap, but I most recently tried it in lotion and loved it so much! This is a lighter scent, sweet, yet not cloyingly sweet. It somehow managed to smell fizzy; I really like […]

Fragrance Friday: Champagne Sugar

Have you used Wheat Germ Oil in a lotion? Many times crafters pass it by because it has a pretty strong odor. Our Wheat Germ Oil is ultra-refined and has a slightly nutty scent but is practically odorless. Green Tea Butter is a marvelous ingredient that is a combination of […]

Wheat Germ and Green Tea Lotion

Rosemary Oleoresin is an oil-soluble antioxidant. This means it protects vulnerable oils from oxidation, which causes the smell of rancid oil. Rancidity happens when oils are exposed to heat, light, air, and time. It is a process that begins as soon as an oil is extracted and progresses until we […]

Single Ingredient Focus: Rosemary Oleoresin

I hate it in fall when my cuticles start to get super dry. They crack and snag on everything. Super annoying and sometimes painful. There has to be a remedy for dry cuticles! Of course there is! Cuticle oil to the rescue! There are lots of different oils you could […]

Super Speedy Cuticle Oil

This flirty scent is a creamy coconut blend with fresh sea air, bergamot, herbal lavender, and buttery vanilla. It is fresh and youthful. I smell this scent and think of the crazy TV commercials that show luxurious long hair that is clean, sparkly, and sexy. This scent would make a […]

Fragrance Friday: 21

Getting a massage may be one of my favorite treats next to a good coffee drink. I wonder if I could combine the two? In 2012, Taylor made Sweet Coffee Massage Butter. She did hers a bit differently than I will do mine. Hers was not an emulsified lotion; mine […]

Mmm Massage Lotion

Yesterday we made a lip balm featuring Cranberry Seed Oil. Today I’m taking the same formula and substituting Red Raspberry Seed Oil for the Cranberry Seed Oil. I don’t expect there to be a huge difference between the two finished lip balms, but there will be a difference in what […]

Raspberry Lip Balm

A couple of weeks ago I focused on Cranberry Seed Oil, and I liked it a lot. I did not get around to making a lip balm that week, so let’s see about doing that now. The fatty acid profile of Cranberry Seed Oil promotes skin regeneration, and Cranberry Seed […]

Cranberry Lip Balm

Everyone loves new fragrances, and we’ve got two that we need your help to name! How can you help? Place an order for $100 with one of the two coupon codes below, add the fragrance to your cart, and we’ll send a free 1 fluid-ounce bottle of your preferred fragrance […]

Help Us Name Two New Fragrances!

Yesterday’s lotion is going to get a few tweaks today to become a thick, rich cream. Come along as I reformulate. There are several good ways to thicken a more fluid product. One way is to increase the percentage of butters. Another way is to add Stearic Acid. You can […]

Borage Anti-Aging Cream